Prisoner 23-8-15-18-5

Prisoner 23-8-15-18-5

My life on the Prison planet

Chapter 1 by knurpslquorg knurpslquorg

In the end, I never had a choice. Had I been born into better conditions, I would not have had to keep up with ripoffs. The governor would never have caught me and I would not have had to kill him. The trial was nothing more than a verdict. They wanted to make an example of me. And so I was banished to prison planet C15-B. I was only nineteen at the time. An age when you would normally be sent to a colony on earth. From the colonies one could get free again. The prison planets in the Gliese system were a trip without a return ticket.

If you arrived on one of the three planets, they had given up any hofe for you on earth. Prisoners were not brought to the surface, but dropped off in capsules which were equipped with the most necessary and hung on parachutes. The laws of normal society did not apply here, each planet developed its own pecking order over time.

C15-B was closest to the twin Suns. This meant, that there was no such thing as cool temperatures. My equipment consisted mostly of liquids for the first time. The clothes I was given were appropriate for the climate.

The capsule landed near the central district. After recovering from the impact, I packed my things and explored my surroundings.

Where am I headed to?

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