Noboby's Wares and Magical Oddities

The Magic Shop

Chapter 1 by babycrownie babycrownie

This is a Role Play I set up with multiple playing partners. It is set in the magical town of Sunnyglade from the game Transformania Time. In this world every person is a witch and every item in my shop is a former witch that has been inanimated. Once a piece of 'clothing' is put on, the former witch releases one last final burst of magic changing the person who is now wearing them.

That is the setup. I always start with this introduction and let my partners imagination lead us where we might go.
I hope you enjoy these stories.

If you are interested in participating in one, message me. We work something out. ;-)

- - - - - -INTRODUCTION- - - - - -

Passing through town you see a quaint little shop. In the window is various pieces of clothing none too exciting except one model is wearing a latex bra. Either out of boredom or out of curiosity, probably a mixture of both, or possibly the case you are working on, you find yourself entering the shop. A little tinkle from the bell overhead announces your arrival to the shop. You are standing in the middle of rack of clothing: shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, jackets. Everything is nice and normal looking. You wonder how a shop like this can survive in Sunnyglade, a town of magic, sexuality and debauchery. “Welcome welcome!” A happy burst of enthusiasm shoots forth from the back room. A middle aged man about 6 feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and a smile that lights up his face emerges from between the racks of clothing. He almost pounces on your and grabs your hand in a firm handshake. “Welcome to my shop. Nobody’s Wares and Magical Oddities.” My eyes lock onto yours and seem to peer into your soul.

What's next?

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