New God In Town

New God In Town

Adventures of the newest god of sex

Chapter 1 by Uzman Uzman

Aphrodite looked out of the world from Olympus, where she'd lived ever since she'd emerged from the sea. The world had changed a lot in that time - now there were dating apps, sex toys, erotica websites... she loved her job, but it was getting hard to keep up with everything, keep coming up with new ideas. She needed to take on an assistant. Or perhaps, more like a successor.

If she could keep being the symbol of love and sex, she thought, she could stay on Olympus through retirement, while having someone new take over the rest of her powers. That way, she could watch them play with whatever mortals crossed their path, and be sustained by whatever chaos they wrought. Maybe they'd use their powers of attraction to cause massive public orgies, or their powers of fertility to bestow pregnancy on every girl in their college. They could use their godly charisma to make every man do whatever they tell them to, or use their ability to transform people and objects to make every piece of clothing bring its wearer discomfort. For the first time in eons, she smiled at the idea. Finally, something new! The possibilities were endless.

But first, she needed to choose the right mortal. Someone who she thought would use their new powers to the absolute limit. She looked out at the mortal world, thinking through the possibilities. Finally, it came to her, the perfect mortal for the job!

Who did she choose?

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