Naomi's Naked Punishments

A high school senior's exploration into embarrassment and exhibitionism

Chapter 1 by ewong ewong

Author's note: all characters are at least 18 years of age.

Naomi was a senior in high school, and seemed to be the most popular girl. No one disliked her, even though she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. She was 5'8", long light brown hair, cute face, and a body that got everyone's attention regardless of how much or how little she wore. Her popularity was due in part for being the student body president, her natural charisma and friendliness won over the students despite her platform not being the most "fun". And anyone who thought she was only interested in popularity was quickly corrected by the fact Naomi also was in line to becoming valedictorian. In fact, it was all but certain she would be.

However, on a spring night nearing the end of her senior year, her heart was heavy and she was filled with trepidation. Not for graduation, but for the fact she knew the following day was going to change her life. She had made a discovery, and now her best friend was going to become her biggest enemy. The 18 year old girls were inseparable all through their childhoods, but now, it seemed, all that was going to be thrown away.

The following morning, Naomi arrived at school as she always did, dressed attractively without seeming to try too hard to get attention. Her peach floral blouse and short, tight pink skirt equally concealed and accentuated her curves as she walked the hallway to the GYM for PE. She entered the locker room and began to get changed. She removed her blouse and skirt before reaching back and undoing her bra. She always changed into a sports bra for PE. However, her best friend Lindsay was waiting for this moment to strike. As soon as Naomi's arms went slack, Lindsay pulled the bra down and away from her arms with on hand while she picked up the sports bra with the other.

"Lindsay, what are you doing? Give me my bra!" Naomi shouted.

She realized her raised voice attracted the attention of the other girls in the room, and she quickly covered up, each hand cradling one of her breasts.

"I just figure you would need to let loose once in a while. Why not now?" Lindsay smiled.

"Because it's a class! I need my bra, either bra." Naomi sounded a bit .

"Tell you what, I'll give you a choice. Either I take these bras from you, or you get one of them for those bland panties you're wearing." Lindsay offered.

Naomi looked down and saw they were pink cotton bikini style panties. They were pretty faded and, to be fair, kinda old. But they were comfortable. She didn't want to say goodbye to them, as well as have to endure the day with nothing under her skirt. But the alternative was to have her tits bouncing everywhere during class. If it were ANY other class, she would just tell her to keep them, but now? She had a real dilemma.

"Perhaps I'll sweeten the deal. I'll give your panties back after class, but only in exchange for whatever clothes you may have. You pick. You don't need to decide now, but you would need to decide bra or panties. Or would you rather go out there as you are?" Lindsay asked.

"Ugh, fine." Naomi sighed.

Turning away from Lindsay and prying eyes, Naomi dropped her hands to her hips, her fingers finding the waistband and pushed them down to her knees where they dropped to the floor. With her bare ass pointed at her classmates, she realized she was standing naked in the locker room, an act she usually avoided by wearing a towel after showering and kept her body secret. Now, every girl knew her ass was flawless and every bit as natural as she advertised. This made some jealous, but also made them admire and respect her for not being someone she was not. The others giggled at the display, and wanted to take a picture, but as was school policy, phones had to be placed inside lockers during PE and they were already dressed and didn't want to unlock their lockers to retrieve them only to have to lock them back up again. Besides, Naomi's face wasn't visible, so it was hard to prove her identity.

Naomi stood up and kicked the underwear behind her for Lindsay to pick up, which she did. The naked girl then grabbed her GYM shorts and pulled them on as Lindsay decided which bra to give to her "friend". Eventually, she decided on her normal bra, which she placed on the bench and walked away. Naomi covered herself like before and turned around to retrieve it. She had to shift one hand to use her arm to cover her nipples as she needed a free hand to pick up her bra. Even though it didn't offer mich support, it was still better than nothing.

Naomi finished getting dressed in her bra and GYM T-shirt before locking the remainder of her clothes in the locker and emerging from the locker room, feeling the breeze between her legs thanks to the baggy shorts. She joined the rest of the class just in time for the bell to ring. Naomi was thankful she made the right decision. Despite the fact her regular bra didn't stop her boob's from bouncing, it was still better than having them be completely unencumbered. Her shorts were long enough that any stretches or strain wouldn't expose her. Despite all this, she still managed to break a sweat during the class and headed to the showers once the class was dismissed.

Naomi stripped off, knowing the girls knew her predicament, but was glad none of them had tipped off the boys. She undressed, locking her things in her locker after she wrapped herself in a towel. She showered, putting the whole morning behind her, and knowing she will soon be fully dressed and calm. She went back to her locker, opening the door. She wasn't surprised to see Lindsay walking over.

"Have you decided? Will you stay pantyless, or are you willing to trade for them?"

Naomi knew her decision before Lindsay even finished her sentence.

"I'll take the panties, thanks."

"Very well, here you go." Lindsay said, tossing the panties to Naomi.

As Naomi reached up to grab the panties with both hands, Lindsay pulled the contents of Naomi's locker into her arms and spun around behind Naomi to pull off her towel. In a matter of seconds, Naomi was bared to her classmates, who now had their phones in their hands.

"And here I go." Lindsay said, walking away.

"You said I'd get to decide what to give you for my panties!" Naomi screeched as she turned around and sat down to pull her panties up her legs.

"Did I? I remember you agreeing that you'd trade the panties for whatever you were wearing today. I told you it was your decision whether to keep your bra, and your clothes or take the panties, and lose everything else." Lindsay giggled.

The rest of the room erupted in giggles and laughter as they realized how clever Lindsay's wording had been earlier. A few camera clicks were heard, but they hadn't captured anything scandalous yet. Before Lindsay left, Naomi called out to her.

"You can't just leave me like this!" she screamed.

"Hmm, actually I can. And I... Was. Now you've piqued my interest. Since you seem to have some fight in you, how about you prove to me how much you want these back?" Lindsay smirked.

"What do you propose?" Naomi asked.

"Oh, a challenge, of sorts. Every girl here is a witness to the rules, and will make sure they are adhered to. Do you still want to go through with it?"

"If it means I can get dressed, then yes!"

"Oh, it's not so simple. Since I'm holding all the cards, well clothes technically, I can ask you to do anything. Unless you'd rather go home like that."

Naomi had her arms crossed over her bare breasts, the cold air making her nipples poke at her arms. She looked down and knew that was out of the question.

"Fine, what do I have to do?"

"To fight for your clothes back, you'll have to spend the rest of the day in school... NAKED!" Lindsay smiled.

A collective gasp filled the room. Surely she wasn't serious?

"Are you kidding me?! I'm not gonna attend classes naked! Are you insane? If be expelled!"

"Only if you're caught. See, I'm gonna make it easy on you. You don't have to attend any of your classes, but you do have to remain on campus the entire day, and can't get dressed. You can't cover with your arms, but you can hide behind things. HOWEVER, you can't pick anything up or make anything that will cover you. You also can't stay in here, any vacant classrooms, or the restrooms. Not even between classes. The girls in here will make sure of that. If they find you've cheated, your clothes are forfeit, and you'll have to go home naked. Not much worse than what you'd have to work with now if you don't take the challenge. If you complete the challenge without any infractions, and you return here after the final bell, I'll give you back everything I took from you today." Lindsay explained.

"Doesn't sound like I have much of a choice, do I?"

"Nope. And before you choose to do my challenge, I'm also allowing the girls to take photos and videos of your journey, if they see you. Think of it as insurance. It will either prove that you're complying with the rules, or that you broke them. Don't worry, I'll have them delete them if you win however, if they find you breaking the rules, and you lose, the photos and videos will be uploaded to a private cloud folder, with the link shared with everyone in the school's directory. Yes, not just students, but faculty and parents will see them too. Wonder how that might impact your graduation or even your college applications!"

Naomi was blushing. She didn't think Lindsay would go this far. She was supposed to be her friend, but now she had a difficult decision to make. Either trek home as she was, or endure the rest of the day naked at school, not being able to hide in the easy places, and unable to cover herself with anything besides her arms. Both had risks of being found, but maybe if she was caught at school, she could tell a teacher she was locked out of the locker room. It wasn't ideal, but it would definitely give her an excuse instead of being seen in just her panties around her neighborhood.

"Fine, I accept. I'll do your damn challenge."

"Great! Just give me those panties, and get out! Don't want you to break the rules so quickly!" Lindsay shouted.

Naomi walked to the door and stood next to Lindsay. She peeled off her panties as before, pushing them to the floor, but this time she picked them up and dropped them onto the bundle of clothes in Lindsay's arms. The naked girl covered herself as cameras went off around her, and Lindsay opened the door. Naomi wasn't able to fully comprehend the situation before she was pushed out, and the door closed behind her. She couldn't go back, even though she desperately wanted to.

Then Naomi realized what time it was, and knew the bell to end the first period was about to ring! The halls would be filled with students any second! She had to find a place to hide, quick! She knew of two places that would be mostly vacant right now. One was the library, and the other was the auditorium. Both had the possibility of being seen, but neither would have a class full of students in them. They were both a ways from here, but she had to try. The auditorium was closest, and shared a hallway with the library. If the bell rang or if someone gets close to seeing her, she can hide in the auditorium.

Making sure not to cover herself, as let the rules, Naomi left the alcove of the locker room door and crept down the hallway. She had a surreal feeling being completely naked in a place she would always be expected to be clothed. Add to that the fact a few hundred people who she knew and saw (and would see) every day would be able to see her completely devoid of any clothing if they ventured into the hall. She felt secure in the fact no teacher would let a student leave the classroom so close to the end, so as long as someone wasn't returning to class now, she would be fine.

As she walked down the hall, her nerves began to relax, and she finally began to really experience what she was doing. The cool air brushed across every inch of her body, making her nipples stand at attention. Her heart was beating hard, anticipating any kind of noise or movement. She continued her trek and turned a corner. She was thankful none of the classroom doors had windows. Instead, the floors were marked with a semicircle showing the path the doors took when opened. So anyone who passed by knew to steer clear. Naomi tried to hurry past, her stride lengthening with each step until she felt something unfamiliar. A cold, dampness between her legs. She stopped, just outside the auditorium door and leaned against the wall. Her breath was shallow, despite only a brief amount of activity. Her heart was beating through her chest, and she bent forward to examine the wetness.

Peering between her legs, she saw her nether lips were pink and engorged. Her flower was open and inviting. She could see the source of the dampness, and saw a drop of what she assumed to be her own arousal begin to trickle down her inner thigh. She wiped it away, and wanted to do the same with the wetness her flower was oozing. However, she was able to smell her arousal and was captivated by the moment, the surreal feeling of being naked in school, and experiencing all of these new feelings. She was about to explore her arousal more, but heard a door open. Looking down the hall, she saw it was the library! What luck that she hadn't finished her journey there earlier, she might have been seen!

Now she had to move, lest her luck be squandered. She quickly ran to the auditorium door and went inside. She slammed the door behind her, hoping whoever it was that left the library didn't see her, nor care about the noise. She looked into the room and want surprised to find she was alone in the dark. She breathes a sigh of relief that he luck was still on her side. She walked forward, towards the stage. As she passed by the rows of seats, she imagined them being filled with students and faculty. All faces she knew, and would be staring at her naked body, captivated. She felt her heart pound in time with her loins, begging for another touch, a prolonged session by herself.

She walked up the stairs to the stage. She looked out to the empty chairs shrouded in darkness. Her arousal dripped down both legs at this point, but she resisted the urge to pleasure herself. Instead, her imagination ran wild. Her mind filled the seats, everyone she knew, and everyone she didn't. All staring at her nude form. She could see their faces as they all realized what they were seeing. She closed her eyes as she drank in the embarrassment and shock, and felt her body react in an unexpected way. Her hands found her breasts, and began to paw at her sensitive flesh. Her nipples were aching, wanting to be touched. Naomi relished the sensations, not giving into her desires just yet. She opened her eyes and realized she was panting. A sheen of sweat had accumulated all over her body, but she still felt hot. She dropped to her knees and contemplated finishing herself off, but an idea entered her mind. An instinct that felt more fulfilling than her impending orgasm.

Rising to her unsteady feet, she began to gyrate suggestively. She imagined a Britney Spears song playing as she did her best sexy dance in front of the entire school. She shook her hips and turned so her back was facing the audience and she bent over. She had seen videos of girls and women twerking, but she never thought she would be shaking her backside while naked in the school's auditorium. As her energy waned, she grabbed her breasts again, feeling every nerve seemingly come alive at her touch. She'd never felt anything like it, and wanted it to last forever. However, her worst fears came alive when the spotlight suddenly illuminated the stage!

Naomi was thankful her backside was being lit, and not her front. She quickly ran off stage, not covering any part of her body. With her mind awash with panic and arousal, she didn't know where to go. If someone saw her, they were likely trying to find her. She couldn't hide in the restroom, so she tried to find a place to hide that wouldn't be considered cover. She found a crate amongst wardrobe racks, and hid behind it. She knelt down, not pressing herself into it, but kept her body from sight. She hoped she wasn't breaking any rules. As the footsteps got closer, she looked at the clock, and saw it was nearing the end of second period! The teacher was probably here to get things ready for an assembly! Naomi yelped as she Internally kicked herself for not remembering the scheduled presentation about... Something. She really couldn't remember, but it seemed important.

Naomi looked around until she saw the drama teacher, Miss Hart, enter the backstage area. She was in her forties, and was quite large, but she still moved with purpose as she gathered materials and such before placing a few items on the stage: a podium, a few chairs, and a table. Naomi watched and figured the woman hadn't seen her for some reason, but didn't want to overthink the reasons why. She knew she had to leave before third period started, when everyone would gather and head to the auditorium. As the teacher left the backstage area, Naomi took her chance and snuck out into the hall, hoping to get to the library. Her arousal forgotten as her mind was focused on finding a place that wouldn't be filled with students in a matter of minutes. The bell would ring, ending second period, and the halls would be filled with students heading to third period any second. Naomi scampered down the hall and opened the door to the library. She peeked inside, hoping the librarian wouldn't see her. Luckily, the desk was empty. Naomi swung the door open enough for her to slip inside, and she closed the door as quietly as possible. Then the bell rang! Naomi was thankful she just dodged a bullet, but now she had other things to worry about.

She continued scanning the room for movement or sound of any kind. The Library was laid out as one large room with the checkout desk near the entrance/exit door. The middles of the room was an open space with chairs to lounge, read, or study. Then there were the shelves of books passed that, and the stretched to the very back of the room. However, on the left and right of the lounge space were rooms meant for study groups or for presentation planning so students could talk as loud as they like without disturbing anyone else. It would be the ideal place to hide, except it had large pane windows that looked out to the lounge area, and could be monitored from the checkout desk. It was meant for security and safety as well as hygiene. They didn't want students or anyone to do anything in those rooms that wasn't appropriate for school. Naomi then decided to hide amongst the books. The desk faced away from her, but she would have to pass within its line of sight to get to the shelves.

She got down on all fours and crawled in front of the desk, in case the librarian came back and might catch her of she stood. She crawled to the far right corner and passed in front of the empty study rooms before spying another door: The Computer Lab! The door was always open, but the librarian wouldn't need to check on it as long as not noise was coming from the room. The computer lab door was just past the first row of books, and she could go inside. So far, she didn't hear anything, so she looked around in case the librarian was sneakier than anticipated. Letting out a sigh, Naomi was relieved to to see her. However, she her attention was again drawn to her earlier arousal, and the fact she was as wet as ever. She could feel both thighs steamed with moisture, and she once again felt her heart racing. The cool air from the computer lab wafted over her, and she felt it travel over her bare back and down the curve of her ass. She shivered from the cool as well as from the sensation. She wanted to close her eyes and let her hand drift between her legs. All she had to do was rest her head on her left arm, keeping her ass in the air as she thrust her fingers inside...

But no, she resisted as she really didn't want to be caught wet handed by the librarian. She crawled quickly into the computer lab and was relieve to see it was empty. She thought about sitting in a chair and finishing herself off but that would make too much noise. The computers were all against the wall so the room seemed empty, but was meant so the instructor or librarian can see all the monitors at once, and make sure the students didn't visit any inappropriate sites or was hacking the system. Naomi went to the far corner adjacent to the door, so the librarian would have to crane her neck to see as she entered. Knowing she couldn't sit in front of a computer, she decided to sit underneath the desk. Naomi pulled the chair out from the desk and crawled under, pulling the chair back towards the desk. Miraculously, she was able to fit under the desk and not need to have the chair pushed out at all. She would be camouflaged completely! She was even able to see the clock on the wall, so she would know when it was safe for her to leave.

The bell rang, which signalled the beginning of third period. Minutes later, there would be students marching inside the auditorium. She had no idea how long it was, but she would take the opportunity to move to another part of the school. As she waited, she couldn't hear anything. Not the librarian, nor any commotion from students. She was about to go check when she heard the sound of clamoring students outside, and she was both relieved and scared that she was right. She had no idea why the librarian wasn't in the library, but figured it had to be because of the presentation. The school had a security tag system to make sure only books that were checked out could leave, otherwise an alarm would sound. If that happened while the librarian was out, they would pull the...SECURITY FOOTAGE. Naomi put her head in her hands as she realized her naked crawl was now recorded. She hoped no one would see it, since it was unlikely for anyone to need to scan the footage unless the alarm was tripped. She calmed down and waited for the noise in the hall to disappear. That's when the unthinkable happened.

It began as a distant hum, but then she felt it. The computer she was kneeling in front of had needed to cool itself, so its cooling fan turned on. That wouldn't have been terrible, as it's a normal occurrence. However, what made it so much worse for Naomi was the fact the fan was blasting warm air... Against her wet flower. She gasped as she felt the warmth against her exposed and dripping snatch. She closed her eyes and felt it envelop her sensitive folds, ever so gently caressing her as it spread out from her pelvic region. Naomi shuddered as she bit her lip, suppressing a moan. She fought her body and opened her eyes. She took a deep breath, sighing in pleasure as she tried to calm down. She looked at the clock, and saw it had only been a minute since she heard the voices outside. Somehow her mind only could perceive her heartbeat, her panting, and the hum of the fan as she moved her hand lower. She didn't care anymore. It had to stop, and there was only one way to do it. Her hand snaked between her legs, her teeth clenched and...

She sighed in relief, she was able to reach back far enough! Her handed positioned just past her aching lips. So close, but yet so far. Her willpower allowed her to use her hand to block the troublesome air from touching her quivering sex, saving her from having a very loud orgasm. She rested her head on her free arm as her thighs kept her hand in place. She was able to pull herself away from the edge and regain her senses. The roar from outside was still constant. She had to hide from them until they were all inside. She was thankful she didn't give in to her baser desires. If they had heard her, which she was almost certain they would, they would've investigated and definitely found her post-orgasm. Not the way she would like to be seen by anyone at the moment.

She didn't pay attention to her body's begging for release. She only heard the din of the students entering the auditorium. With her eyes closed, she was able to focus solely on the noise. She listened for the tiniest change in noise level. She couldn't hear any words, but she knew when the crowd began to die down. She was able to breathe easier once she realized the end was near. Soon enough, she heard the slam of the auditorium doors, and she nearly wanted to spring up from under the desk and run outside. However, she had to make sure the library was still vacant.

Naomi gently pushed the chair out, and crawled out from under the desk. Still on her knees, she pushed the chair back, and crawled over to the door. She poked her head out and scanned the room for movement or any human shapes. Finding none, she crawled over to the check out desk, following the same path as before. As she approached the desk, she heard heavy breathing. Peeking over the desk, she had to suppress a giggle as she saw the librarian slumped over in her chair, sleeping. She must have slept through the whole thing! Naomi figured she couldn't see her earlier because of the way she was slumped over in her chair behind the desk. Likewise, she didn't hear her snoring because her hearing may not have been as attuned as it was now after being in a silent room.

Naomi didn't stand up, as any sudden movement could still wake the librarian for some reason. So, she kept to her plan and crawled, though somewhat less carefully, to the door. She finally stood, sighing with satisfaction on a job well done. She looked out the frosted windows and saw nothing but empty whiteness from the light coming in. She opened the door slowly and peeked out. Smiling at seeing no one, she left the library and skipped down the hall. She listened for any noise besides her own, and would check around every corner before moving past it. She had no idea where to go, but knew the auditorium was the last place she wanted to be. With the school devoid of any students, she could go anywhere. Even... Outside!

Meanwhile, inside the auditorium, the presentation was just beginning. The principal, along with other members of the school's administration, were on stage. It seemed like a very important announcement would be made, something that would prove to be invaluable to Naomi's day. The principal took to the podium, and addressed a key issue that had been hotly debated by members of the faculty and the PTA. It had gotten so far that the Superintendent had been called in to resolve the matter. So, it was she who then was introduced and allowed to make the announcement. The students giggled and cheered, but most were shocked and concerned by the announcement. After they were dismissed, it was still what everyone was talking about. If only a certain naked girl was around to hear it...

Naomi opened the door, her eyes adjusting to the bright sunlight. She scanned the perimeter for any staff or students who might be trying to skip the assembly. Not seeing anyone, she slipped outside, and let the door slam behind her. She was now outside. Naked! She could feel the sun warm against her pale skin. She relished as it touched parts of her that had never seen sunlight. She turned around just to feel it everywhere. Her heart was beating out of her chest once again, and she skipped onto the field and ran around, care free. She couldn't believe she was getting away with it. Just inside, a school full of people who knew her, who could discover her, we're inside, oblivious. She smiled and streaked around the field, seeing the playground equipment and the school's oval sports track on the opposite side. The track had bleachers, but it was also adjacent to the faculty parking lot. She thought about it, and knew she couldn't pass up the opportunity, not when it was so early in the day.

Naomi jogged across the playground, her bare breasts bouncing everywhere as she moved. It was a bit painful, but not intolerable. She wasn't allowed to cover, so she couldn't give them any support. Soon enough, she reached the gate to the track, and she smiled as she saw it was vacant and unlocked. She went inside and looked around. She knew football games were played here, inside the oval of green inside the track, which had the rectangular field outlined with chalk. Once again, Naomi had the urge to run. She jogged around the track, imagining the crowd of students and parents as they all watched from the bleachers and gawked at the odd display. Naomi's hand subconsciously find her breasts and get crotch and she bent to moan as sheet made her second lap around the track. She was so close to having an orgasm now, she couldn't help it. She dropped to her knees, feeling her hand nearly covered in her juices as she pumped her fingers in and out of her sopping wet snatch. Sheer offended her mouth to moan a she was ready for her climax to take her...


The lunch bell! The sound interrupting the mood, and startling they naked girl as her mind suddenly switched to survival mode. Students will be pouring out of the school now as they went to the cafeteria or find a ladder to sit with friends to eat their bag lunch. They would see her here in the open for sure! She had to find a manageable place to hide, and maybe get some food too. Thinking it through, she quickly decided to go to the cafeteria. Not through the normal way, but the baby way since no one would be expecting a student, let alone a naked one, to sneak in to the cooking area and slip into the pantry. She wasn't too far away, do it was hickory unlikely she wild see anyone around. Before she could change her mind, she ran out of the track and booked straight for the school building. An unmarked door was her destination. She quickly grabbed the handle and pulled it often, not really knowing what to expect or find on the other side.

Before she could even think about what she was doing, she was past the door and inside a place she had never seen. She breathed out a sigh as she found herself inside a hallway. She knew one way led to the cafeteria, so she took the only other path afforded her. She now had to be careful not to be spotted, as she was not only naked in school, but she wasn't supposed to be here! Her stealth skills weren't at stake as much as luck since there was literally nowhere to hide. Just her and an empty hallway. As she neared the door that led to the kitchen, she could hear the sound of footsteps and various voices. She opened the door a crack and peeked in, not poking her head in yet. She saw a few people running around to the ovens, dumping innbatches of fries and chicken nuggets in to deep trays that were then carried out to the serving line. The rumble in her stomach told her she was hungry. However, even this seemed too dangerous for her.

Then she saw something truly terrifying! A woman with a cart was coming her way! Naomi quickly ducked behind the door so she would be hidden by the door as it swung open. And swing open it did seconds later however, the cart was the first to emerge, and the naked girl watched as the cart moved. She anticipated the woman emerging, and had to keep the door open, as to remain hidden longer. However, the woman didn't appear. In fact, she had stopped with the cart poking out of the doorway. Naomi knew that staying out in the open would make her liable to be seen, and since the cart had a cloth that covered it on all sides down to the floor, she thought her luck would change. She had no idea where the cart would take her, but it should be better than being caught in the hallway.

With delicate motions, she pulled the cloth up to reveal a lower shelf that she could crawl into. She hoped this wasn't violating the rules as she wasn't taking the cover with her. The cover was taking her with it! Surprised that she was able to climb in and move the cloth back without alerting the woman, she took a deep breath to calm herself and relax on a job well done. The woman pushed the cart hesitated a moment when she had to shove the cart to get going. Fortunately, she didn't think to inspect the cart, instead blaming it on a wheel that needs oil. She pushed the cart down the hall and directly into the cafeteria! Naomi was able to hear the cacophany of her fellow students' voices as tHey walked by. None of them were aware how close they were to a completely naked and helpless girl. Naomi wondered where they were going, but realized soon enough that the cart was meant to hold tubs of dirty plates. So, the woman was bussing tables and wiping them clean as Naomi had to make sure no one discovered her.

Naomi was pushed around the entire room as the girl gathered dirty dishes and cleaned every table. Eventually, they headed back inside the kitchen where the cart was to be unloaded. Once again relieved she wasn't discovered, she felt great arousal like it was enveloping her. She needed to eat, and find a place to take care of the arousal that has been building all day. She heard the girl's footsteps leave, so she climbed out from under the cart. Looking around, it looked like a place in the staff would take trash. There was a good amount in the bins on the cart, but many plates had food no one even touched. Naomi shrugged as she was hungry and knew she wouldn't be able to get food as she was, and began digging into the tub before her. She pulled out a chicken sandwich that hadn't been eaten, and took a bite. Soon, she was full, and thankful noone had spotted her. She wanted to finish herself off, but knew that wasn't a good idea with staff coming here. So, she looked for a way out. She found an air duct, and was able to climb inside. She was happy to find something so fast, but she had no idea where she was going. However, she knew She had to get away from the cafeteria and the playground now. She spied through any grates she came across to see if anything was good or safe for her to get out. She crawled along, naked in a ventilation system. Eventually, she found a hallway. She poked herself through the grate and pulled herself out to a standing position. She was thankful to be out of that mess, but now she was dirty, sweaty, and in the middle of the hallway. She came here because her locker was nearby. They didn't say she couldn't be in her locker, so she quickly got in, and slammed the door. The space was cramped, but she was able to open the door from inside, and she felt exhausted.

Naomi leaned against the left side of her locker and shut her eyes. Before she knew it, the day was almost over! She had slept through the rest of the classes! She wasn't sure how it happened, but knew it probably had to do with how stressful and anxious she had been for most of the day, and her body just couldn't take it anymore. Glancing at the clock, she saw she had only minutes before the final bell! She was on the other side of campus, and had to meet Lindsay to get her clothes back! She closed her locker and began to run as fast as she could. She didn't care if anyone caught her now. Even if the bell rang while she was running to the locker room, she just wanted to get dressed and put all this behind her. As she ran, her mind raced through all the possible outcomes of she was caught. Depending on who it was, they could try to help her, try to touch her, or punish her. Once again, the feeling of the air over her naked body began to make her heart beat faster and her arousal to spike. She was already wet by the time she arrived at the locker room. She waited until the final bell rang before she quickly pushed herself inside, and was met by a room of girls about to leave after getting dressed. All of them were shocked to see a naked, sweaty, and dirty girl enter the locker room. None of them knew what to say, and Naomi wasn't sure what to say either. Instead, she made a beeline for the showers, as she needed to get clean, and having all those eyes on her was getting her very hot. She smiled as no one was in the showers, so she turned on thebtap and began to rinse herself off, her hands lingering on two special places for a bit longer.

Once she was clean, she set about getting dirty again as she leaned up against the wall and was finally able to relieve the tension that had built up over the course of a day. She remembered Lindsay telling her to strip, and her slow removal of her clothes, to stepping out into the hallway naked, and having to hide in the auditorium and inside the library before going outside. She was surprised she wasn't discovered during her cart ride, or just now as she ran across campus. She was moaning wildly, not even hearing how loud she was. She was to engrossed in how good it felt and how the day's events made her feel. With one final moan, she had the most intense orgasm she ever had. Her knees buckled, her face was pressed against the wall as she caught her breath. She slowly came back down, opened her eyes, and stood up on shaky legs. She rinsed off one final time and went to the locker room. She smiled as she saw Lindsay with her friends there holding her clothes. Of course, she was still wet from her shower, not seeing any towels.

"Sounds like you had an eventful day." Lindsay winked.

"Well, I did what you asked. And it looks like you're honoring our deal." Naomi commented.

Lindsay nodded and handed the naked girl her clothes. She didn't even care she was still wet, she pulled her shirt and skirt back on.

"Where's my underwear?" Naomi asked.

"Think of it as insurance. You don't rat me out, I won't tell the principal you spenT the day naked in school." Lindsay said.

It was a good enough Proposition, so Naomi took it and went to walk away.

"Oh, and the photos and movies from today are only for personal use or were deleted. So any you see are either fake or pirated." Lindsay said.

"Thanks." Naomi said.

"Since you seem to enjoy it so much, maybe you'll spend an actual day naked in school!" Lindsay smiled.

"Right, you'll have to somehow get the faculty in on that, and I don't think even you can pull that off." Naomi said.

As Naomi left, she couldn't help but think of the possibility of attending classes naked. It wasn't possible, but she was getting wet thinking about it. What was wrong with her? She added a sway to her hips, which made her skirt brush against her bare ass, just reminding her of the absence of her panties.

"Crazy chick. She actually told you she was into this shit?" One of Lindsay's friends asked.

"Yeah, said she discovered this part of herself, and in order to explore it, I had to become her enemy." Lindsay explained.

"And she's your best friend?"


"Then should we tell her?"

"Actually, I think she would love it if she found out on her own."

Naomi passed by the principal's office, and was a step away from the door, and freedom. However...

"Miss Stark!" the principal yelled after her.

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"You were here for your 1st period class, but disappeared and didn't attend the assembly. I take it you don't know the new rules in place?" the woman asked.

"New rules?" Naomi asked.

"Skipping class is a serious offense. One we had to take drastic measures against. So, we are implementing embarrassment as punishment. So, I'm afraid that skipping classes today means I'll have to take your top." the principal explained.

"What?!" Naomi was both shocked and aroused.

"You heard me. Off with it. As explained in the assembly, all parents signed off on it, and the school board as well as law enforcement will allow our punishments to be followed without additional punishments unless given by the school of parents."

Naomi blushed as she pulled her short over her head, the damp garment clung to her until it was pulled off. Naomi's bare breasts were revealed to the principal.

"No bra? You're lucky this was your first offense. HOWEVER, you also skipped an important assembly. I'm afraid that will cost you your skirt."

Naomi didn't hesitate this time, and pushed her skirt to the floor. Once again standing naked, it was very different to be seen by someone with authority. Worse yet, the principal! Her heart was beating out of her chest, and she had to fight the urge to touch herself.

"No panties either? Well, it being your second offense, I can't overlook it. So, you'll have to go without panties for the rest of the week. Your top and skirt, you'll get back tomorrow. As for today, you may leave now."

Naomi had to take a minute to process. She had to go home like this! Not only that, she couldn't wear panties for the rest of the week. What about her clothes she said she'll get back tomorrow? Does that mean she cant wear anything else until they're returned or could she arrive dressed in new clothes tomorrow? Sensing her confusion, the principal explained the rest.

"You will go home as you are, and you will arrive as you are, but hopefully with a proper bra. If not, your punishment will become more severe."

Naomi nearly fainted. It was both the best and worst thing to happen to her. She didn't know what to say, so she nodded and left. On the way home, she couldn't believe her luck, and had to stop three separate times to "relieve the tension" before arriving at home, where she explained what happened at school to her parents. After they informed her that they expected her to follow her punishment at home as well as school, she feigned being embarrassed and went to her room, where her parents assumed she was wailing in outrage before falling asleep.

Naomi's life would never be the same.

Where/when does her next "adventure" start?

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