My baby

Be the cute little of a demanding Futa!!

Chapter 1 by Boosie Boosie

The Ride Home

Waking you feel an uncomfortable pressure in your stomach and a spectacularly pleasurable pain radiating from your ass. Your whereabouts becoming more apparent as your eyes adjust to the lights of the car and your memory fogged as you struggle to remember. A hazy flashback reminds you of earlier today, you had just tripped on your own shoes{A thing you tend to do often.} unable to catch yourself, you fall in to her arms...

  • A very tall woman, standing almost 7 feet tall
  • Her voice soothing "it's okay, I've got you"

She smothered you between her large tits and shushes you as she picks up your limp passed out body...

A bump in the road, brings you back to the moment, she's humming and mumbling some obscene song as she drives. With another bump as the car takes a turn a twinge of pain makes you realise what's in your ass, as a fluffy pink tail hops into site. Your shock of horror heightens your realization , she has you strapped in to some makeshift baby chair, and from what you can feel, your positioned in a fetal position but on your back. To make things worse she has stripped you of all your clothes and the pain you've been feeling is a fairly large butt plug.

The fear and anger builds, till you decide to say something "Mmhhggmm!!" until now you hadn't thought about your mouth, was it just shock or.. You try as hard as you can.. You can't open your mouth, a restraint you thought only to hold your body, also holds your jaw locked in place.

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