Now you're someone else mind-pet

Chapter 1 by 57 57

The alarm goes on, and you just turn it off. You wake up from bed and went to the bathroom. The usual, peeing, brush your teeth, etc.

Then you came again to your bedroom. You were alone there. And is when it happened: you seems to enter in a kind of trance. You hear a voice: Now you're under my control, as long as I wish. And for that reason, you will do everything I command you to do, whetever humiliating that results to you. You can't reply to the voice, or discover who's talking to you, or if it is a femenine or masculine voice. You can only obey. You must obey.

You came out of the trance quickly as you entered it. Now you feel lighter, like you just drop a huge amount of pressure not only from your body, but also from your brain, and it seems that your body has free will, and you can't do anything to control it. You're moving, your doing your daily routine, but I feels like your weren't there, or you weren't doing it. Obviously, nobody around can notice this, you're acting normal.

You were checking on what clothes put today, when the voice speaks to you again:

Well, well, my puppet, time to follow my first order. I want you to go to your bedroom, and get near a mirror. Stand still, whatever it takes, even if your house is on fire, and wait for my next command.

You do as you're told, and you quickly you to your bedroom, where you stand in front of the mirror that you have to check yourself and your attire daily. What person do you see there?

1) A male teenager

2) A female Teenager

3) A mature man

4) A mature woman

Who do you see in the mirror?

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