Lusty Magical Academy

Student wizards, psychics, mutants or monsters care about sex more than study

Chapter 1 by Zingiber Zingiber

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There comes a time when young people of special gifts come together under the guidance of dedicated teachers to advance their skills, learning, and character so they can use their powers for maximum benefit.

This is a story of the students of one such academy. Follow the storyline of one student, describing the scenes and characters in their life, choosing their moves, and following the RPG rules to determine the results of their actions.

Credit and inspiration to SwampThing for his seminal Slut World ( ) for the rules and moves. Slut World's various storylines provide good examples showing how moves and play generally works, though the rules focus on the details of sex more than your academy's rules might. Or maybe you want an academy where sex is the battleground for duels and competition, and your skills in That Special Move can save the day!

Also credit to D. Vincent Baker for Apocalypse World and the Apocalypse Engine and to Avery Alder (formerly writing as Joe Mcdaldno) for Monsterhearts ("the messy lives of teenage monsters") .

And to J. K. Rowling, OBE, Chevalier de la L├ęgion d'honneur. Of course.

Open for contributions. See the Chyoa Forums Discussion Thread for details and Q&A:

If you like a chapter, please comment!

I appreciate comments as suggestions for what the character should do next, or "hey, you could have done this here". Or you could contribute a chapter!

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