How it began

Time to wake up

Chapter 1 by Thehypest1 Thehypest1

You wake up after a long night of drinks with Casey. You hear the jarring sound of the alarm echo in your head. You think to yourself 'How much did I drink last night.' Your head is pounding and you lay in bed for a bit before heading to the kitchen to get water.

You run into Allyson there. She made breakfast, she really is too kind. "Good morning, sleepy head" She says teasing you, because you usually wake up well before the alarm but keep it for these situations. "Bite me, Allyson." She smirks at you as you sit at the table with a plate of eggs, bacon and toast.

She sits opposite of you. "I feel like shit today," you say to her. "Might call in." She nods and says "If you do, can you clean in here today, I have some friends coming over and even though they have seen the place dirty id like to be a good hostess." You think about the last time you wore your maid outfit. 'God, that feels like forever ago.' You think to yourself. You tilt your head and smugly respond, "Why don't you clean up then?" She leans back in her chair, balancing it on its back 2 legs, "Because 1) I have to do a bunch of other things today, 2) Its mostly your mess and, 3) becauae I'm lazy"

You feel better now that you have food in you and some water. You could go to work or call in.

Which is it?

More fun
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