High School Hell

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Chapter 1 by Marlikton Marlikton

The Characters:

John: A 5'9 140 pnd 18-year-old man with blonde hair and blue eyes his body isn't nearly as muscular as he'd like but he does have an 8-inch cock. Lives with his mother, stepfather and three stepsisters. Doesn't know who his father is just what his mom has told him that it was a mistake but she never regretted having him. After moving around the northwest for years his family has finally settled in a new place. It was supposed to be a new start away from the teasing and daily school beatings by several of your ex-classmates who jumped you because unlike others you never fought back because you didn't like hurting people and always tried to walk away just like your Mom taught you. During your first year in Hellford, you started a relationship with Sarah. Sarah was kind, gentle and would talk to you for hours on end on the phone but it was all a lie. When you learn the truth and confronted her she responded by making up a story about how you tried to assault her physically than asked 3 of her other boyfriends from nearby schools to "teach" you a lesson. Just before you pass out you see a man in a three piece white suit walk towards you but your vision is blurry and you can't focus your eyes enough before you pass out.

Sarah: 5'3 94 pnd 19-year-old woman sandy blonde hair, green eyes and 30d breasts and a lean body. A heartless bitch and cock tease. Decided to play a trick on the new guy build up his self-esteem with the lie that someone besides his family loves him than before she could crush him another student named Regina took matters into her own hands and told John the truth about her game. When he confronts her and puts an end to there mock relationship Sarah decides he needs to be taught a lesson in pain and humiliation.

Regina: 6'2 115 pnd brown hair, a brown-eyed woman with 36 dd breasts that fit her muscular form just right. A kindhearted individual who after watching Sarah's behavior towards John for several months finally decides that enough is enough she opens his eyes and made him see the truth about Sarah. She makes him see how Sarah has played him for a fool and that it was all a trick.

Emily,Billy, and Susan: John's stepsisters they look alike talk alike and love cock teasing the only male besides there father in the house getting him hard than leaving him frustrated. Emily is a dyed redhead 21 with hazel eyes and 36 d tits, 95 pnds, 5'2, She's smart but has a mean streak when it comes to her stepbrother. Billy has naturally black hair hazel eyes 103 pnds 32dd breasts she is very educated but has been seen by others as not very bright which is just the way she likes it. Susan has dyed bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, 87 pnds and 30d breasts she is a self-centered idiot who follows Emily's lead no matter how cruel she gets it's all in the name of fun.

Harry: Stepfather 42 a working man runs his own business 257 pnds muscular and works away from home so he's usually not at home till very late he sometimes sleeps in a back room at work that he set up just in case he wants to get an early start the next day or his wife is being "unreasonable".

Alice: John's Mom a kindhearted caring woman with naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, 38 158 pnds who while loving all her kids just doesn't have any control over Harry's girls. They run circles around her and tease her son repeatedly while she taught him to never fight a woman and to go out of his way to be kind and not harm others she has seen the rage building inside of him and knows better than most what will happen when he finally goes off the deep end.

Jenny, Megan, Erica,Jill, and Leslie: Sarah's friends while not as malicious as Sarah enjoyed watching her make a fool of John 18,18,19,18. more details in the story.

Marcuse: A soul dealer who wears a 3 piece white suit with gelled back jet black hair and red eyes that have a black slit down the middle he has a small black goatee. he appears to be a white southern gentleman even uses a southern accent when he speaks to possible victims. Always thinking ahead and getting the best deals possible for himself while screwing over the other party. Has a habit of getting it on with mortal women from time to time and has been following the life of his half-demon offspring John to see if he has gained any of his abilities. Decides to make himself known to John after three men leave him for dead in the wilderness.

Lilith: Adam's first wife decided she didn't like taking orders from Adam so was cast out of Eden and replaced by Eve. a 6'5 black haired woman with jet black eyes and 34d breasts with black nipples and an anaconda called Virgus that she carries upon her shoulders she doesn't wear clothes she is as naked as when she was made. Takes a lot of interest in the Nephilim John it's been so long since she had her hooks into one and now Marcuse's son is dropped into her waiting arms even if Marcuse hadn't planned it happening that way. Whatever Lilith wants Lilith gets and Lilith wants John

Bill,Eric, and John: Sarah's other boyfriends after leaving you alone in the woods. They break up with her too realizing they had been played for fools and sent to do her dirty work. They may have been pawns but even they must pay. More details in the story

(To those who read my story)

Thanks for reading my story I appreciate you giving my still growing stories and writing skills which I've been told twice already suck, my punctuation is terrible and I don't go into enough details about things etc but I am slowly getting better but I am always glad to listen to other's opinions about my writing or the story itself. Thanks again for reading and I hope to read some of yours soon if I haven't already.

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