Going Medieval

Going Medieval

Working security at a Renaissance Faire gets interesting.

Chapter 1 by porneia porneia

“Let me guess, let me guess!” A short, plump, twenty-something woman wearing a gaudy yellow anthropomorphic costume of what you can only guess is suppose to be Japanese cartoon cat with a completely out of place princess cone hat excitedly greets you from within the entrance booth as you approach the fairground's main gate.

Before you can get a word in the cat princess slides her thick rimmed glasses up her pimpled nose to get a better look at you and continues her interrogation, “Tragicomix, Asterix? Luke Cage, Defenders? Broly, Dragon Ball Z?” She pauses for but a second, then bats her eyelashes and with a truly cringy attempt at a bedroom voice adds, “maybe Jin Kaitō of Dochinpira?”

Having no idea what she is talking about you double check the street address hoping you are in the wrong place. The address is right, 253 Coopercorn Lane, the old Bailey Fairgrounds. The huge sign above you proclaims the current attraction: “The 5th Annual Renaissance, Fantasy, Comics & Cosplay Faire – The Largest Celebration of Geekdom in the Tri-State Area!”

With a brief roll of your eyes you realize your first detail as a security officer for Westmooring Security Services is going to be a long one.

How do you answer?

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