Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

All characters except for you belong to the creators of this anime.

Chapter 1 by TylerUchiha TylerUchiha

You walk out of the Inn you were staying in to see a blue cat with wings, a girl with blonde hair and some kid with pink hair, a vest and scarf going to the Fairy Tail guild.

'This could be my chance!' you think to your self.

Oh wait we should first go over what you look like. Okay so your have jet black hair that has the same style as the kid, you are 5 foot 11, you have white pale skin, abs and a 10 inch cock. You like to wear baggie jeans, and skin tight shirts. Okay back to the story.

You were always fast, not to mention strong and handsome, but that's besides the point. You easily catch up to them. You look at the kids right arm to see the Fairy Tail symbol tattooed onto his arm.

"Hey kid, are you a Fairy Tail member?" you ask him

"One, I'm not a kid! And two, yes." He says angerly

"Oh, sorry where are my manners! I'm Doe, John Doe." you tell them

"I'm Lucy!" the girl says, she sticks her hand out, you happily shake it.

"I'm Happy! Aye!" the blue cat says.

"And I'm Natsu." the ki- sorry the "guy" says

"You mind if I tag along?" you ask them

"I don't mind!" Lucy says cheerfully

Natsu just grunts. Happy says "Aye" (Why does he ALWAYS have to say 'Aye'?)

You guys walk up to the guild to hear fighting, of course you just have to like the one guild thats loud!

Where do you check out first?

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