Eternal Vale Online

When every action may be your last, what choices do you make in life?

Chapter 1 by NicoDezelar258 NicoDezelar258

Valeria began as a simple idea by Jun Hessinger. An ever expanding world. No true beginning. No end.

For nearly two decades, he spent time, money, and his health to create such a world. From that determination was born the Virtual Link, a device capable of augmenting the human mind into a simulated world. Touch, sight, smell, hearing, even taste were all replicated so as to give a full, life-like experience in Valeria.

Two years after showing his device to the world, the first test was conducted. One thousand people went in as beta testers. After two weeks, the test was complete and the game onto the next stages of development.

A year later, the game and console were released and nearly a million people were scrambling to get the chance for one. Weeks later, that number had multiplied dramatically. Soon millions were logging in every day.

Valeria wasn't much different than many fantasy styled games. Humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and many other species populated the world. Monsters and animals were everywhere, constantly adapting. Oceans, plains, terras, forests; every conceivable landscape was added, as well as many foreign fantastical landscapes. New species and territories were added every few weeks, with old territories changing depending on the choices of the majority.

Who's story will you follow?

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