College Football Star

College Football Star

New Quarterback Jake Palmer looks to make the most of his college experience both on and off the field

Chapter 1 by RandyLahey RandyLahey

"Just like we've seen him many times before, Jake Palmer looks to be in control of this Panther offence. Down by 4 with 57 seconds left backed up at their own 20, Palmer has the chance to lead a drive to bring us a state championship in the final game of his high school career. No matter what happens on this drive, he'll have his pick of any college that he wants to go to," said the radio announcer.

Down by 4 you were ready for this moment you whole life. The four year high school starter hadn't won a state championship, coming oh so close on multiple occasions to this point. Getting out of the huddle you looked over to your longtime girlfriend Alexandra, the blonde cheerleader was the definition of your perfect girlfriend. She had double d's, a fat ass, athletic, popular, anything you could think of she was it. She said she had a special surprise waiting for him tonight after the game if you won. You hoped it was a threesome with her cheerleader friend Elizabeth. She knew you had always wanted to fuck her. Noticing him looking at her she pointed towards the field, telling him to pay attention to the biggest game of your life so far. A game you had been waiting 18 years for.

"RED EIGHTY, RED EIGHTY SET HUT HUT," you yelled out and the ball was snapped. A throw over the middle and a first down for the Panthers. Throw and catch, throw and catch, scramble for a first down. The Panthers offence had moved down the field quickly, but time was still running out.

"Huge throw by Palmer. There now down to the Ravens 14 yard line with 15 seconds left. He hurries to the line and spikes the ball second and 10," says the radio announcer. "Second down and Palmer chucks it out of bounds when there was no one open. 10 seconds to go, 3rd and 10. Palmer takes the snap and fires to the end zone and dropped. There's now 3 seconds left and 4th and 10. This will be the final play of the ball game. The whole season comes down to this," said the announcer.

"Green Right X Shift to Viper Right 382 X Post Corner, Ready break," you said in the huddle. You knew the play would work. They'd been setting it up all night. "RED EIGHTY, RED EIGHTY SET HUT," you called out and the play was on. Looking for the X reciever you found him, running the post corner. He was going to be wide open once he made his break. Pump fake and then launched the ball. As you made the throw you were hit by the stud defensive tackle for the Ravens driving him hard into the ground. straight on you right shoulder. Immediately you knew it was bad.

Authors Note: Just a forewarning that it will take a little bit to get to the sex scenes, there is a decent amount of set-up to really introduce the characters before they jump into bed together. If it was just sex you can just watch porn. This will have a proper storyline that ties together with the sex scenes.

What happens next?

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