Cindy's Adventure

Explore the life of Cindy

Chapter 1 by lezcindy lezcindy

As she stretched out her long tan legs Cindy awoke from a particularly sexy dream. All she could remember was being buried in her old college roommates legs as she pulled her hair. She could still taste her on her tongue. She looked at the clock and realized it was time to get out of bed. She stood up and stretched again, her naked body looking back at her in full length mirror. She loved looking at her body in it. She was already turned on from the dream, and seeing herself in the mirror turned her on even more.

Her sandy blonde hair was messy from sleep, her green eyes lit up with excitement. She smiled at herself slyly as she ran her nails up her torso, seeing her belly button piercing shimmer in the light. She was tan all over, she always hated tan lines. She spun around and playfully swatted her round tight ass. She turned and cupped her large breasts in the mirror. Tugging and twisting on her pierced nipples she moaned a bit, looking at the clock again...

Stay and Play a bit? Or put some clothes on and head downstairs?

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