Cheerleaders heat

lucky perverts fantasy

Chapter 1 by augy6666 augy6666

Your name is John and work for Dallas Cowboy work in the IT department. You were stuck installing security upgrades for the corporate office that would lock everything out on the executive floor and you were suppose to be by yourself all day. You have had much luck with the ladies, being the most unattractive person, as were bit of a nerd. Most weekends you would the building would empty except for security guards.

But this this weekend one of the top executives and couple of the team's cheerleaders were planning for there annual training.

The executive, Ashley, was a former cheerleader in her early forties. Most of the guys including the players, would often ensnared by her beauty by staring at her and it was obvious she enjoyed it even though rumored that she was into girls. She is a dirty blonde with long legs and breast as big as cantaloupes. She was often bit of a bitch to you and pretty much everyone, she would treat you as a loser.

One the cheerleaders was a gorgeous red head, Jessika, that had been with the squad for five years a dancer and former gymnast. She would often wear cloths accentuated her ass and tits as she was slightly shorter than executive at 5'7". But honestly, it was her legs that you stare at.

Her tan blonde rival, Madison, was a real bitch to everyone. She was 5'8, with long legs and tits big as honey dew. But she had become one of executives favorites especially Ashley's favorite. She treated everyone else bad especially the support staff.

And then there was Victoria, a former Brazilian model the tallest of the group and tits big a big grapefruit. She did not speak much to anyone since there was a slight language barrier.

As you were listening to the radio you were sweating as ladies like it hot. Suddenly, one of the girls tripped the alarm trapping everyone on the floor. It shouldn't take too long to fix it.

When you heard about the time over the radio, that scrupulous doctor drugged some obscure bottle water, that turned any female of over 18 eating into anything coupled with a smell of a mans sweat into a strong aphrodisiac. You are too scared to tell her anything so you make a call to her office.

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