Assley and the party

Assley and the party

Help or hurt Ashley at a sleazy house party

Chapter 1 by xterrax xterrax

It was about 8 PM, one hour before the house party. We were just done with our finals, and as Sophomore students we really wanted to loosen up and enjoy ourselves. At least, that's what Mindy told me when she brought up the subject. Personally, I was never too big on the idea of drinking, especially seeing as we were only around twenty years old. Of course, I was the exception to this, being a bit of a prude when it came to well...everything. Truth be told, the only reason why I even contemplated going to this stupid thing was to call out Henry, my stupid boyfriend, on some stupidity he pulled about a week or so ago.

I was at his place, helping him (or trying at least) to study for his Calculus 1 exam. Things were going great, up until he started drinking some cans of beer for "preparation" for the big party held at Mindy's Sorority house. I thought he was being a complete idiot, all in part to hanging around with his idiot Fraternity group. Nevertheless, once we did enough work, he passed out on his bed. Now I love my Henry, but he is such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, as much as he'd like to pretend otherwise; one or two cans of beer and he was ready to go to sleep. Instead of going home right away though, I found myself lying down next to him, playing with his phone while mine charged. It wasn't until I saw that he gotten a text message from Derrick, that my blood began to boil. Why was he texting this jackass, despite his advances on me?

Derrick was the leader of the Fraternity group that Henry wanted to be part of. I've been with my boyfriend since high school, and I can tell you that he's the sweetest guy around...but has always wanted to be part of some popular clique. So, when he was invited into this Fraternity, he was ecstatic. Derrick is actually the guy who made it possible, and he didn't do it because "he saw a lot of potential in Henry". He did it because he wanted to get closer to me (and believe me, I never had the heart to tell that to Henry, at least not directly).

The guy has made my life as difficult as possible since I arrived on this campus. From asking all my friends about me, to trying to creepily join me in my morning jogs around campus, I had to deal with his sleaziness. What is more, was that he was obsessed with my body - or more specifically, my ass. Really. He was (at least according to Mindy) responsible for that disgusting nickname I have around campus - "Assley", or "Big Butt Ashley" depending on the person who said it behind my back. I, as much as any girl, hated to be objectified but I was especially insecure of my behind, considering how much exercise I did in an attempt to reduce it...but genetics were not in my side. I was fit and thin everywhere, except with my boobs (30D cup) and unfortunately, my fat ass.

So, imagine my surprise that when I was going over his texts Derrick, that I found this disgusting series of events:

Henry > "yo so okay, I'll bring Ashley to the party"

Derrick > "Great. Can't wait to see if I can fuck her brains out at that party "

Henry > "lol come on she's my gf"

Derrick > "It's just a compliment! who are you with right now?"

Henry > "just chilling with Ashley. she fell asleep watching netflix tho, so i might just leave."

Derrick > "Take a picture of her ass before you go!"

Henry > "bro."

Derrick > "Come on, I do all sorts of favors for you and you can't do that??"

Henry > "ok ok. well take a look at this then"

To my horror, I saw the picture that my boyfriend sent Derrick - me, lying down with my jeans on. My big ass sticking out and stretching the denim fabric to its very limits.

Derrick > "Fuck. Yes. Now I can jerk off to the idea of pinning her to the floor and slamming against that fat ass until my cock falls off."

Henry > "dude wtf"

Derrick > "Again it's a joke. Come on, I thought we were brothers."

Henry > "ok ok ok"

Derrick > "Still. Want to make a bet? I bet you that I can get into her girls pants next week."

Henry > "dude"

Derrick > "Yeah it might be too unfair. You have to help me just a bit every now and then."

Henry > "what"

Derrick > "But if I lose, you get something too."

Henry > "Im listening"

Derrick > "If I lose, I'll give you the keys to my Mazda"

Henry > "ok deal. cant wait to have my hands on those keys"

** NEW **

Derrick > "Don't forget our wager! Help me prep."

It goes without saying that I was fucking disgusted and tossed Henry's phone. I got off the bed and walked around in circles around Henry's room, thinking of hitting him senseless while he was asleep. But then again, maybe I could just call him out on this at the party itself? And yet, some part of me wanted to text Derrick as if I were him, just to find out more about this situation. Heck, maybe I could even give Derrick some advice of my own?

What should I do?

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