Chapter 1 by ExtendedStay ExtendedStay

Author's Note:

It's great to see so many people are reading my story! That really helps keep my energy going for continuing to add to it. There are more ways you can help, however!

First off, this is a MODERATED SUBMISSION story. If you want to take a crack at adding to it, please feel free! I will continuously update the comments on this story with links to the galleries where ALL of my images for the various ALTer Users are stored, along with their Kisekae codes, if you'd like to try your hand. All I ask is that you include your OWN Kisekae export codes when you submit your chapter for review, so I can have something to work from when going FROM your chapter onwards.

Next, the individual chapter comments pages give you a SECOND way to help me build this story. If you have something you'd like the protagonist to say or do in response to something in the ALTChat, post it in the comments on that chapter! That'll give me ideas to work from and prompts to direct future action. It could also mean that YOU get to decide what happens next!

Alright, thanks again. Now to the story!


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