A Very Good Day

Your life is changed by 1st Period French.

Chapter 1 by logandirth logandirth

You’re sitting in French class and can barely keep your eyes open. The teacher, Mrs. P. is going through verb conjugations over and over. Suddenly you catch the teacher looking at you disapprovingly and you sit bolt upright in a not-so nonchalant way. She smirks at you and turns to the class.

“I’m going to step out for a minute. Angelica, would you please continue to write the conjugations on the board?” With that, Mrs. P. was out the door and down the hallway. Angelica sat behind you. She’s a petite girl with an ass that can only be described as phenomenal. You stare blatantly as she walks by. She’s wearing tight white pants that reveal a black G-String pair of panties.

Angelica begins to write on the board and you stare absent-mindedly at her tight round posterior. She yawns and stretches at the front of the room then, without warning, she slips off her tank top. You stammer, checking back and forth through the room. No one is there. By the time you look back to Angelica she’s facing you wearing nothing but the little black strip of cloth.

She walks seductively closer pulling down the strings over her hips. She reaches your desk and turns her back to you as she pulls the panties down revealing her tight Latin pussy. You look down and see you are also naked and without warning she sits onto your lap sliding your cock inside her. Then there is a slam on the top of your desk and you wake up.

“Fait attention, monsieur.” You had fallen asleep. You thank God that the desk is hiding your erection, and thank God you didn’t cum. Luckily for you there was enough time before the bell to let things die away down there. You think to yourself lustfully how great that would be if it were true. The bell rings and as Angelica passes you she drops a note on your desk.

‘Hey, I’ll sit on your cock any time. Just call me.’ 555-5555

You can’t believe your eyes.

What now?

More fun
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