A Special Hell

A Special Hell

The Second Honeymoon

Chapter 1 by brevdravis brevdravis

Chance is an amazing thing. I don't think of myself as lucky, but coincidences and good fortune have followed me, even if I sometimes don't realize it at the time.

Take my wife, Kaila. I know that's usually followed by a "please", but hear me out. Honey blonde, blue eyes, talented, intelligent, and tall. She has exceptional legs, and tits that just scream, "Hey! Look at these!" She plays tenor sax in a little jazz combo that works the corporate event circuit in San Francisco. And to add to all this, I have no fucking idea what she sees in me.

Two years of marriage, and I still have no idea. I mean, she's given me the standard, "you make me laugh" response, but it really doesn't feel like the whole story. I'm just lucky I guess. It's not like I make more money than her, because I know I don't.

I mean, I'm no prize. I'm only five foot ten, although if you measure to the top of my naturally spiky light brown hair, you'd get six feet. My eyes are weird, depending on what color I'm wearing, they range from green to gray, and even then it's not predictable what color they'll appear. I just put down blue on the government forms, because it's a happy medium. And that could pretty much describe my shape as well. Not great, just medium. Not bulked out, just reasonable. My wife occasionally jokes that I look like one of the gods attached a cock to a woman's frame. My lower body is much more well built than my top, and on the few occasions when I've grown out my hair, I've been whistled at by guys in passing cars. As a result I have a very well built up middle finger.

Two years of marriage. It's funny, but they just flew by. One minute I'm popping the question, and the next; there we were, packed into our Westfalia, heading for Big Sur on our second honeymoon.

It was Kaila's idea. We'd both been so busy with our jobs in the city, and just needed to get away. So, in late September, we just said hell with it, and just drove.

My job as an administrative assistant (Read: Secretary) pays pennies and it's a big step down from what I thought I'd be doing, but it has some perks. One of them is familiarity with the "affair" locations. At my company, I've scheduled more "Conferences" for two at Lake Tahoe, Puerto Vallarta, etc., than I care to discuss. So when my turn came up, I had a great opportunity to grab a Single bedroom cabin in Big Sur for a little over a week. Kaila was ecstatic, and the cost was low since it was off-season. It was perfect. Or so I thought.

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