A Personal assistant

A Personal assistant


Chapter 1 by Porimoni Porimoni

Ronald Anderson had hit the jackpot as far as he was concerned. Nuri Fatima, his grouchy old personal assistant had finally retired at the ripe old age of 67. Nuri was thin as fuck and flatter than a cutting board. Ron is just interviewing a much younger new assistant, Debjani Saha, Momee. For a horny hunk like Ronald, Momee was a dream come true. Not only was she the most beautiful creature he'd ever laid eyes on, complete with long straight silky black hair, huge tits and a killer body, she was also the most naïve bimbo he'd ever met.

Though she is wearing the traditional dress of Bangladeshi woman, which is a sari with a crop half-sleeve blouse, Ms. Debjani Saha Momee is looking absolutely gorgeous and downright sexy. The swell of her huge tits can be easily seen from the side. The silk sari highlighted her juicy ass and back. During the interview Ron had been constantly squeezing his ever-present rubber stress-ball, afraid that if he stopped he wouldn't be able to help himself from leaping across the interview table and fuck the sexy beauty senseless.

“So Ms. Debjani Saha, Momee. Umm can I just call you Momee?”

“Ahh.. but sir only my close family and friend call me Momee. Aren’t you suppose to call me Ms. Debjani Saha at office?”

“Yes that would be ideal. But you see if I hire you, you would be working as my very personal assistant. What do you think that means to me?”

“I don’t know sir. I have never had a job before.”

“No problem. Let me tell you, a personal assistant is considered as the personal property of her boss. A PA will assist her boss the best way she can and fulfil all of her boss’s needs. It is an un-written rules in the corporate world. Do you think you understand?”

“I think I can understand sir. Thank you sir for your clarification. You are a great help in correcting my misconception.”

“No need to thank me Ms. Debjani Saha. SO, what you have learned from my teaching about your roll if I hire you?”

“I Debjani Saha will be your personal property if you hire me, Mr. Anderson. I will do my best to assist you and fulfil all your needs.”

“All of MY needs?”

“All of your needs sir.”

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