A Little Roughhousing

Is This What You Want?

Chapter 1 by stjim stjim

The party was one week ago now; where you met Ashley. As someone who doesn't find himself invited to many collegiate festivities, it was surprising you were there at all, and even more surprising that you had the luck to get close with such a pretty girl.

Actually, luck doesn't even begin to describe it. Slender, pretty girls who go to State always seem to be obsessed with the same stuff; drinking, partying, looking good, and getting with the most attractive guys. Your first glimpse at her left you staring for a second. You've never considered blondes to be your type, but something about her straight yellow hair, falling just past her shoulder, held a perfect hint of innocence to go with her far more dangerous figure, 5'9" and slim save a couple of eye-catching curves. Fortunately, when her cool blue eyes met yours, you got a sugar-sweet smile rather than an eye roll.

Fate is a funny thing, as not only did she notice the key chain hanging out of your pocket, sporting the logo of your favorite gaming franchise, it turns out she played through all of those games with her older brother, and that was enough for the two of you to hit it off. A few jungle juices later and the two of you were making out in someone's bedroom. You are fairly inexperienced in this department, but you could tell this felt way better than any other girl you had been with. The only peculiarity was her tendency to direct you, despite you having a few inches and at least 30-40 pounds on her. She was constantly on top and moving you around. If that was strange, you hardly noticed, as this was something you've wanted for a long time.

Fast-forward to today. While Ashley had no problem calling herself your girlfriend, you've seen no action in the past week outside of a good-night kiss, that - while nice - left you wanting more.

Today, however, you have a good feeling. Ashley came over just to hang out and play video games. She is sporting a typical lazy-college-girl outfit; very short shorts and one of those slim, female-fitting band t-shirts. Girls put way too much hype on getting all dolled-up, as this simple get-up had you turned on as soon as she showed up.

While playing a co-op adventure game, you are sitting on the floor leaning back against the couch, and she is sitting Indian style on the cushion next to your head.

Seemingly out of no-where, she starts a discussion. "You know," she begins, "I haven't really had a steady boyfriend here at State."

You reply, "well, I guess that makes me pretty lucky. I couldn't believe you didn't have a boyfriend."

She is quick to correct you, "it's not that I haven't had boyfriends, it's that they haven't lasted long. I actually tend to freak them out pretty early." She hesitates, then continues, "I get a little frisky, and maybe a tad rough with them. Actually, you could say I beat them up a bit, haha." Her cute laugh makes it seem like she's exaggerating, but you are still unsure of what to make of this. Being frisky sounds nice, but being rough could mean a lot of things.

"Well," you say, realizing you have to give some response, "I don't see myself wanting out anytime soon."

"That's good," she responds. You both look back to the game for about a minute before she makes it clear she had more on her mind. "Hey, I want to do something else. I want to rough you up a bit. You're so cute down there, and I kinda want to make you my bitch."

This catches you off guard. She's obviously into some unusual power-play stuff. Do you want to go along with it or try and brush it off?

What do you say?

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