A Girl at an All Girls School

Adventures at an all-girls school

Chapter 1 by moonblack moonblack

Ederia College is an all-girls high-class school located in a remote rural area. It is 10 kilometers to the north from a small quiet town. Its facilities are among the best that can be found anywhere - large buildings with plenty of space, two dormitories with luxury single and double rooms, indoor pool, and so on. You didn't bother memorizing everything there is since you'll have plenty of time to learn the locations of all places of interest. To maintain all the facilities the college charges very high taxes, but it has such a great (and well-deserved) reputation that some people are prepared to pay double just to get their kids accepted. Fortunately for many of the students being from a rich family isn't the only way to get accepted.

Your name is Jane Doe and you are a new first year student here. Or at least you will be in a few days, when the new school year starts. You wonder what the other girls will be like. There are no men in Ederia College - not only the students but also all of the teachers are female. Because of that fact you are sure that most - probably all - of the students are either lesbians or bi-sexual...

"We've arrived, miss." The cab driver says, rousing you out of your thoughts. You pay him and get out.

Because your parents are busy (as usual) you took the train to the town, and then a cab from there to the college. You sent your stuff a week ago so it should've arrived by now. As the cab goes back you head to the main gate, located about a hundred meters away from your position. As you get closer you see two middle-aged good-looking women wearing the uniforms of the college's guards. When you reach the gate they stop you and check your ID card. Once they have confirmed that you are indeed who you say one of the guards gives you a key.

"This is the key to your room. Your luggage should be there, unless your roommate decided to play a prank on you. I assume you know which room you've been assigned to?"

"Yes, I know where I'm going to be living from now on. Thank you." With that the guards open the gate for you and you enter your new school. As you take your first steps on the college's grounds you wonder how well you'll fit here...

What kind of a girl are you?

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