(MM) Absolute Power

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Chapter 1 by TheCanadian TheCanadian

The letter was already wrinkled and smeared when Yana unfolded it for the hundredth time. The sweat of her hands had made it all yellow and the thread with the key had come off a while ago.

Dear Yana,

I hope my last will and inheritance didn‘t made you leap out of your skin. I know you‘re not used to gifts, and I remember how you constantly protested to accept help from your old, caring neighbor. But this time I have to insist. My lovely Yana, please accept my property, my house and everything you will find in there. Most of my possessions are very old and therefore valuable, but the emotional value has passed away with me. Grant yourself a better life. The life you deserve. I have outlived all my descendants a long time ago, and those who stay in contact with me are all just after my inheritance anyway. Everyone but you.

I‘m still deeply touched what happened to your family twelve years ago. I remember the first time I heard the eight-year old Ukrainian girl weeping herself to sleep. And it didn‘t break you. It made you the confident, strong young woman you are today. I know I‘m just the old neighbor lady of your refugee household, but I am so proud of you. True compassion is hard to find these days.

I could rest in peace if you take my offer and live in my house. Just take care of my garden, that is my only request. The key will open all doors. All but one. I am sure you will find the key to the strongroom in the cellar in your heart. Open it and you will find all the answers you need.

In love, Anna

Yana pulled herself together and unlocked the front door. She hadn‘t been in the house for almost a year, and so had nobody else. But she remembered the smell of old parchment, the ticking of the grandfather clock and the scent of rose petals. Anna always said her home was an orderly mess. She hadn‘t enough space for all her furniture, antiques and other memories, and it showed, although the house had two floors, an attic and a cellar.

She looked around for a little while, wallowing in memories of her youth before heading down the cellar. The power had been turned off when had Anna moved into a nursing home, but Yana‘s phone had a flashlight. There was a time when she had been there every day, bringing groceries and repair old junk for Anna. The most modern thing down there was a loud freezer, in-midst spider webs, dusty furniture and probably the biggest newspaper collection in the country. The particles in the air made her cough, and she started to worry about how long it‘d take to dust off the entire villa. But it was hers. She never could have dreamt of her own flat, let alone an entire house that size. Yana approached the thick rectangular safe door. She had always wondered what Anna kept in there, something of so high value that it was locked up behind the strong steel of old war ships. Something magical, or something like that she used to respond whenever Yana had asked her, but she always had that glassy shimmer in her eyes. The combination lock was massive and part of the door. Eight numbers, perfect for a birth date. First she tried Anna‘s, but she guessed that‘d be too easy. Then she tried hers and thus the door opened.

She found a narrow room on the other side, a room big enough to store one desk. A quite big present with a loop waited for Yana on it, a gift so carefully wrapped that she felt bad tearing it apart like a pre-schooler on christmas morning. And what she found in the carton completely took her by surprise. She first thought it‘d be one of Anna‘s weird jokes. Sometimes she had spoken as if she‘d come from another world, and sometimes Yana wondered what her life had been like when she started talking about the Inquisition, then about Caesar and then about the second world war not a minute after. But this topped everything.

The most striking aspect was the smell. Yana had rarely smelled such a heady odor. The aroma had a rather musky, sharp and earthy touch, an interesting smell that made her kinda surprised that she liked it. Looking into the carton, she first thought there‘d be some sort of thick gleaming black liquid lying in there, but as she reached in she realized its semi-solid, cool, slippery material. It felt as if she would be handling liquid—a bit like the silk kimono one of the refugee aids had given her when she had turned sixteen. More so, she half expected it flow away onto the floor in spite of her strong grip. Yana held it in front of her and noticed that it was indeed a one-piece latex catsuit. The suit was pitch-black, thick and so perfectly polished that she couldn‘t spot a stain in its liquid-appearing texture. She remembered seeing one of those in a shop window before, a sex shop window. Yana knew it was common in fetish fashion and publicly considered to be kinky. Therefore she wondered why someone like Anna would have such a piece of clothing that didn‘t fit to her personality at all. Personally she had never considered squeezing herself into one of those, but now that Yana felt its silky, kinda wet fabric, she couldn‘t help herself but smile at the idea of trying it out. It almost escaped her grip as she took a second look into the carton and found a couple of numbered envelopes with Anna‘s handwriting. The twenty-two year old girl opened number one.

Dear Yana,

I know how outlandish and unexpected this gift must appear to you, but if you trust me and if you want to make the world a better place, I recommend you to give it a try. Don‘t be scared. Open my second letter when you feel ready.

In love, Anna

Yana snatched the other letters and returned to the ground floor. The full-length mirror in the bedroom granted her a complete look on her small, chubby figure after she cleaned it with a duster. She guessed that she‘d look ridiculous wearing such sexual provocative rubber. It was rather meant for lean, tall and particularly beautiful women who could show-off with their figures in those close-fitting clothes.

Holding the latex up in the daylight with both hands, she noticed that the headless suit indeed didn‘t show any stain. No scratch, no grease spot, no fingerprint or fold. There wasn‘t even a zipper! Initially she hadn‘t noticed that its measures more or less resembled hers, considering that the suit would stretch out when she would put it on. But the longer Yana studied it, the more suitable it appeared for her figure. "Was this supposed to be for me?“ She couldn‘t tell at that time why this stuff mesmerized me that much. It simply felt incomparable to anything else she had ever felt before. An undeniable strange and comforting sensation spread from her hands to her torso and from there around her body. A rush of warmth coated her, a warmth that promised both a feeling of relief and protection. As if happiness made out of energy had gripped her. And when she squeezed her grasp it a little tighter, the engaging pleasure intensified.

Yana would have never guessed that she‘d be keen on wearing latex, regardless, she desired to feel that sensation on her entire body after that little sample. She ensured herself again that her eyes hadn‘t tricked her, and much to her surprise this time there was a zipper at its back-side.

She wondered how much clothing she had to remove, but in the end she went all the way. First she slid her legs into the opening and even that felt as if she‘d be massaged by million tiny fingers. Yana had expected that pulling on skin-tight rubber would take forever, however, it turned out that its slippery nature sleekly slithered over her like regular stockings. With the black latex just covering her legs up to her upper-thigh, she smoothened out any wrinkles and twists. Although the suit was quite cooperative, she struggled for some minutes to lift up the rest and adjust her arms, fingers and upper body to its sleekness until she couldn‘t spot a single unevenness from the neck down. The latex attached itself to the girl‘s skin as if it‘d be addicted to it. Strangely enough, despite its tight grip it stuck absolutely snug to her skin. Not uncomfortable or restricting, no, quite the contrary. Yana suddenly was aware of every inch of her body. The comforting sensation had spread over and into her, even there where the latex didn‘t cover her skin. Overwhelming would have put it mildly. What previously had been merely a warm bliss touching her had become a stream of ecstasy rushing through her body. She had to gasp for some reason. Like tiny sucker cups the latex literally seemed to feed from her skin, as if the suit itself couldn‘t get enough of Yana the same way she couldn‘t get enough of the suit.

As soon as the zipper was up all the way to its highest point, it disappeared behind her back, leaving no seams or trace that it was ever there. At this point she knew that something miraculous was going on and that Anna hadn‘t passed the suit on to her just because of its looks. She began posing in front of the mirror; the intensifying feeling of the latex pulling and stretching and sliding over her skin with every movement. A strange prickling feeling caused her to stare into the mirror. And that‘s when Yana noticed that her body had begun to change!

First, and just like that, her waist thinned down, as if her body fat was sucked away within a second. Moreover, it kept slimming her body, arms, legs and butt until her girth was as sleek as humanly possible, pleasing to the eyes thanks to a firm and healthy stomach only the most beautiful bikini-models could show off with. Meanwhile, her physique stretched some inches, granting her 5.5 feet. As an effect, her fingers became a bit slimmer, her back straightened and her chest enlarged, completing a cute hour-glass figure. Yana watched in awe how her breasts patiently swelled under the highly mirror polished latex. It stopped the added mass to bounce to all sides and soon they got more firm and sturdy.

The Ukrainian girl lost her last original feature as her face completely reshaped. First the form of her head slightly rounded off, becoming cute. Thus her cheeks subtly filled, granting her an adorable smile with perfectly reshaped, white teeth. Yana‘s brown eyes assumed the color of sapphires while her skin slightly paled.

Like magic the next letter vanished from the bed and materialized in her hands.

''Dear Yana,

My wonderful friend, I guess you already assume that my property isn‘t the greatest bequest I left you. I‘m deeply sorry, but I wasn‘t completely honest to you all those years. The truth is that I‘m much, much older than I led you know. And that is thanks to this miraculous suit that is now in your possession. It has granted me a life longer and more fulfilled than any life should be, and today I think it‘s finally time to hand it to someone else. I don‘t know anything about the suit‘s origin. In a time that now just exists as a dark blur in my head, when I worked as a slave in Egypt, I found it when dismantling a temple of unknown provenance. Oh, my dear, I‘ve lived many lives, in countless forms and shapes, but never has the world discovered a wonder even remotely similar to the suit‘s magical gifts. The new body you were blessed with is your own absolute perception of how a goddess should look like, your own personal image of perfection. As long as you wear the suit upon your skin, it will grant you the endless powers of a Goddess. With the only exception of receiving knowledge from nowhere, you‘ll be able to achieve and realize anything and everything without any limits. Once you accept your new life as the most powerful entity in the universe, there is really no need to remove the suit ever again until you decide that someone else should enjoy its benefits. You shall not age at all as long as you pamper you skin with it, you shall maintain an immortal life, suffer no injuries or sickness, stay forever young, beautiful, inviolable and almighty. Please don‘t let memories of me restrain you to use your infinite powers in any way you wish. Even I wasn‘t the most considerate Goddess by living out my fantasies for millennia and changing all of human history once I chose to pass the suit on, making everyone forget about my reign. Change the world, destroy the world, rebuilt the world or wear it as a pendant, it does not matter. The universe is yours. It is your choice alone what kind of Goddess you wish to become.

In love, Anna

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