"Picture Perfect 2"

"Picture Perfect 2"

An aspiring photographer heads off to university to study photography where he soon meets a female student named Julie who shares his interest.

Chapter 1 by RicoLouis RicoLouis

I smiled as I cut across campus heading for the cafeteria to get some lunch before my next class. While the class work hadn't been to brutal yet getting used to college life was taking some getting used to. At least I knew where my classes were now. I swear I needed an app on my phone to find my way around the campus and I hadn't even dared to go off campus much yet. Alison had convinced me to pursue photography as a minor on top of the business classes I was taking as my major. I felt with a business degree I would have plenty of employment opportunities but I still wanted to continue taking pictures as well and maybe find work as a photographer on the side like I had back home.

“Fuck.” I heard someone yell and saw a girl trying to gather up papers that had spilled out and were being carried by the wind my directions. The wind wiping about her brunette hair and long flowing skirt as she bent down to try and catch what she could. I couldn't help but notice her ample display of cleavage in her top as she leaned over.

“I got it.” I yelled heading them off and began snagging papers flying my way. I got a glimpse at a few to see they were drawings.

“Thanks.” She yelled collecting ones that hadn't flown away in my direction yet. Slowly making our way toward each other as we gathered them up. She defiantly stood out in a knee length loose flowing bohemian skirt. Tomboyish tank job that hugged her two full hanging breasts that looked like they might pop out as a pair of colored sun glasses she had hanging from the middle gave me a peak down her top at a red brassier. A denim vest that seemed the flank her ample bosom but did little to keep her mouth watering mounds in check as the best was unbuttoned. The only complaint about her clothing it would be that she wore an assortment of necklaces that swung back and forth obscuring the view of her boobs slightly as they seemed to sway with each bob of her hips as she plucked papers from the ground.
“Thank you sugar. You just totally saved my ass several hours of work.” She smiled as she got close squatting down to pick up a few from the grass.

“No problem.” I smiled.

“He speaks.” She looked up at me and smiled as she brushed hair back from her face and behind her ear to show off several small ear piercings that were actually kind of cute compared to some of the other girls I had seen around campus with multiple ear rings and could set off a metal detector.

“What?” I glanced up at her snagging a last few and shuffling them together.

“I have seen you around campus a few times but never saw you talk to anyone. You usually are hurrying from place to place. I was beginning to wonder if you were a deaf mute or something.” She gave a smile.

“Sorry. I have been trying to get mt bearings around here. Still haven't found the restroom near my last class.” I shook my head. Other then the freshman mixer I hadn't had much time to mingle not that mingling was my thing so I hadn't stayed long.

“I feel you there. I showed up to the wrong class in the wrong building on my first day. Sad part was I liked the professor more then the one I got.” She joked as she turned slightly taking the papers I handed her and put them against her knee to organize the sheets so they were all facing the same way. In the process giving me one hell of a view up her skirt at the red panties that matched her bra.

“Um you might want to close your legs.” I looked away feeling a little flustered by the sight.

“Oh shit. Sorry.” She closed her thighs together and tugged at her long skirt down as she stood up. “Though you can take it as me saying thanks if you like for saving my ass having to redraw these. It took me hours to draw them all. My name is Juliana.” She smiled offering her hand. “You can call me Julie or Jules but for the love of god not by my actual name.”

“Nice to meet you Julie.” I smiled and shook her hand. “Everyone calls me Jake.” “Your drawing are really good. You have a great sense of color in your designs.” I glanced down at the pages she was putting back into a book as she walked to a nearby bench and table in the quad.

“Your into fashion?” She looked at me.

“No. Photography. Fashion is more of my girlfriends thing but not from a lack of her trying to get me interested in it. She would love these actually.” I smiled.

“Damn. I finally meet a nice straight guy and he has a girlfriend.” Julie teased. “The few guys in my classes or all gay.”

"Well Ex-girlfriend so I guess she is my best friend now. It's complicated.” I shrugged. We were still on the best of terms and talked almost every day still. The only difference was we were not dating now not that we could actually go on a date being so far apart.

“So what friends with benefits kind of thing?” Julie teased.

“She is several hours away so unless we hook back up for thanksgiving I couldn't tell you.” I shook my head. Three hours there and three back was a long way to go for a booty call.

“Ah. High-school sweethearts. Been there have the battle wounds.” Julie smiled and nodded. I was sure she was no stranger to relationship troubles with her tall slender yet well rounded model like figure. Truthfully if I hadn't just meet her by accident I be afraid she might mace me as I sure she had more then her share of unwanted attention from guys.

“So have you made any of these yet?” I said looking at papers she seemed to be trying to organize in some sort of order. They had dates that she drew them on but that didn't seem to be it.

“Not yet. We have to get through all the boring class work stuff first. Maybe if I ever get to make any of them I will hit you up for pictures though.” Julie smiled.

“I wouldn't mind. I am sure my instructor would say I could use more practice with the human form. Most of my stuff I submitted in my portfolio was nature shots and stuff or events.” I smiled.

“You don't do any people?”

“Mostly weddings and such and my ex-girlfriend has modeled a few times for me but I didn't want to have it full of one person or just people.” While I had done human stuff wedding photography and semi-erotic shots were not what they were looking for and the few really good ones mostly featured Alice. I was pretty sure I couldn't show a lot of the ones I had taken over the past year of her and other that covered the human form very well in my opinion, maybe a little to much so as some lacked clothing.

“Got any on your phone? You saw my work.” Julie smiled as she closed her book.

“Some. Fair is fair.” A smile crossing my lips as I heard Allison's face say the words in my head. I pulled up my pictures and scrolled through a few random pics I had taken with my phone of stuff I was sending of the school to Allison or Ginny and handed the phone to Julie.

“Holy shit. That is your ex?” Julie smiled and gave me a look.

“Yep.” Those words felt strange to hear coming out of my mouth even after being separated for weeks now after dating for months.

“Damn. You must be like really good in bed or something to have a girl this good looking.” Julie gave me a smile and and a little jab with elbow as she wiggled her eyebrows.

“Or something.” I shook my head at her and gave a little chuckle as I felt a little flush in the cheeks. Julie wasn't one to menace words it seemed.

“These are really good. You could easily do fashion photography if school doesn't pan out.” Julie smiled.

“Thanks.” I nodded.

“And your girl could totally be a model.” Julie smiled and handed the phone back.

“She is looking at doing some on the side just to pay for college but doesn't want to make a carrier or anything out of it.” I nodded. It was a good way to make some easy money on the side and not to have to hold down a part time job on top school. She had the body for it and looked damn good in front of the camera but it wasn't she wanted to do as a occupation and was a means to an end.

“A shame she lives so far away. I know who to call if I needed a model though I might have to let them out in the bust though. Girl has some knockers on her.” Julie teased though she wasn't lacking herself though they were maybe smaller then Alice's.

“You never model your own stuff?” I asked thinking she more then has the looks for it.

“Unfortunately yes but if I am just making clothes for one body type I am not really learning anything new.” Julie shrugged.

“Got you.” I nodded.

“You don't mind if I get some pics of your stuff just to tease Alice a little do you? She flip if she saw them.” I pointed to her portfolio.

“Help yourself.” Julie said as she opened it back up and she went through her book looking for some of her favorites and I picked a few I knew Alice would absolutely love then laid them on the table in a stack and took a picture of the top one before handing it back.”

“I so need to get these scanned so I have backups.” Julie frowned as she smoothed out one that had gotten a little wrinkled.

“I have a scanner if you like in my room.” I shrugged.

“Why do you have a scanner?” Julie glanced over.

“Well technically it is a printer but I am not about to announce to the whole school I have one.” I said in a hushed tone. I didn't want everyone and there brother bugging me to print something. I had found the scanner useful as our teacher had us taking pictures using actual film cameras so anything I really liked I could just scan into my computer.

“Got you. Once you open that can of worms it will never shut so your secret is safe with me.” Julie gave a little wink. “Though seems a good way to lure girls back to your dorm room.”

“Oh yes. I can picture the line now.” I shook my head. “You from around here?” I glanced up handing her one of the pages before quickly slamming my hand down on the others on the table as a gust of wind made them shimmer.

“Nope. I am a small town country girl.” Julie shook her head though I am close enough I could drive home for the weekends if I was .

“You don't have much of an accent.” I smiled snapping another. I could detect maybe a little bit of one but I couldn't tell if it was southern belle or Midwestern farmers daughter I heard.

“Most people say that but you haven't heard me curse yet or drunk. I get real country then.” Julie laughed as I handed her back the last page and began to text on my phone

““Hey. Meet a future fashion designer and thought you like to see her work. She saw your pics and wants to know if you would be interested in modeling some of them one day if she made them.””

“And send.” A smile crossing my lips. If anything Alice would be upset if I told her later and didn't have pictures to show her so best to send the pics first and tell her the story later.

“So the two of you high school sweethearts or something?” Julie hoped up on bench and tugged her loose flowing skirt to tuck between her thighs so as to not flash any passing frat boy looking to steal a peek.

“Or something. End of our senior year. We knew each other for years but I never had the courage to really talk to her.” I shrugged.

“I can see that. How did you two hook up?” Julie leaned forward on her hands giving me a peek down her top. Her causal carefree manner reminding me of Ginny.

“We knew each other for awhile but I agreed to help tutor her in math class to get her grades up and things just sort of happened. I liked taking pictures and she liked being in them. We are defiantly a missed matched pair but somehow it worked.” I shrugged. That was the abbreviated version of

“I guess opposite attracts.” Julie smiled. My phone went off and I saw I had a video call from Alice who was walking. Probably back to her dorm.

“That would be her.” I smiled and jumped up in the bench sitting beside Julie and answered the call. “Hello Alice.”

“Yes. Hell yes. I am so in to model anything.” Alice said as she smiled at me.

“Alice this is Julie.” I turned the phone so Julie was in the picture.

“Hi.” Julie did a little peace sign.

“Oh, I don't know about you hanging around with her. She is way to pretty. I might get jealous even if we are not a couple anymore.” Alice teased with a little giggle. Alice wasn't wrong about her being pretty. “How did you to meet?”

“Just now. I dropped the drawings and he stopped to help me pick them up so he could peek down my top.” Julie teased as she gave me a playful smile and a wink as she looked over at me.

Thanks to everyone who has read the original so far. This is a possible continuation of Pitch Perfect that I have had in my head for awhile now though the original is far from down and will be my main priority. Thanks to those of you and that have hit that like button and or favorited this story. This will be a bit of a slow burn like the original so I don't intend to rush to the sex scenes. I apologize for my grammar in spots and am constantly trying to improve myself.

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