"Is that me?"

Chapter 1 by Drakh Drakh

The doorbell rang. Running down the stairs, you thought that it was a little odd. It was 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning. You weren't expecting anyone - that's why you had been on one of your porn downloading sprees. Having made yourself look decent, and rushing to the door, you look out the window beside the door.

A delivery man was waiting outside for you. Answering the door, he had you sign for a package. You didn't really question it - it was your name on it.

"So you're Alex Everidge then, eh?" the delivery guy asked.
"Yup," you replied.
"This package seemed a little odd to me. But I'm not really one to poke into what other people are getting - I'm just supposed to deliver the damn things."
"Yeah, I suppose. I can't even think of anything I ordered although."

The delivery man handed you the box. It wasn't all that heavy, and about a regular couple feet sized rectangular box. "Have a good day, now."

Getting the package back into your house, you wondered what it could be.

You took the box upstairs to your room. You set it down on your bed, and as you looked around you saw your reflection in the mirror.

There you stood - Alex Everidge, a 20 year old college student, the son of two successful lawyers. A thick tangle of black hair fell messily down around your ears, almost halfway down your neck. Sharp blue eyes stood out from a chiseled face. Girls seemed to flock to you, probably because you were pretty rich and weren't hard on the eyes.

Finally opening the package, there was a note there. It read as followed:

Dear Customer,

Contained in this package is highly developed technology. You have been selected out of recommendation for our testing program. Do not worry - any changes that this technology produces are not permanent. To deactivate the product please use the remote that comes in the package.


The Staff at BioTechnology Hardware Research and Development Institute

Well... That seemed a little odd. Recommended for this test program? If this was screwed up, your friends were gonna get a pounding.

There lying in the package was breasts. The hell!? Lifting the objects out of the package you saw that it seemed to be shaped like a woman's one piece swimsuit - except that it was a woman's anatomy.

You looked back at the note that came with it. There at the bottom that you had missed before it said "To use product, wear over bare skin."

Well. This certainly WAS screwed up. But you were mildly curious. You stripped down and manage to slip this odd suit on.

A peculiar tingling pulsated throughout your body. Turning to look at the mirror, one of the hottest you girls you had ever seen was staring back at you. Even your face and legs had changed. You hadn't expected this. Perfect 30C breasts sat on your chest. Looking down, you expected to see a bulge in the fabric of the suit where your penis and testicles should be. Yet, it was completely smooth and there was a perfectly formed and shaved female part in between your legs. This certainly was an interesting development.

What should you do next?

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