Escape the island
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Chapter 16 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Home Sweet Home!

Time to see what he got.

John arrived at his house and ran upstairs to lock himself in his room without letting his mom see him, only greeting her from afar. He had ruined one of his school uniforms and he didn't want to have to explain how it happened if he could avoid it.

The first thing he did in his room after removing his uniform was using Augment Body on his dick. He was at his max mana and didn't want to waste the regen ticks. He resolved to always use his powers to keep himself without his bar being full, considering his skills ranked up when used and he had limited mana regen, it would be a waste not to.

His dick was now 5 inches. In his initial calculations he forgot to count that the second 5% was on his new size not the initial one, compounded interest in way. Buffs not only stacked linearly but applied to each other, if he played it smart he could become really good really fast.

This done he had a lot of things to do, there were the 5 points he got when he levelled up to attribute and the items he got from the slimes and Moira to check. And seeing what could be done about his uniform, he already had Craft and items had durability now so maybe he could repair things.

He emptied his inventory, throwing everything he owned on his bed and putting the things he acquired on his desk.

He had two pair of panties, one from Vanessa, covered in cum and the small thong from Ms Summers giving him a buff towards her.

Two jars of slime. The jars the size of a mayo jar contained a clear substance, green from the first he fought alone, blue for the other. He opened them and put a finger in it. By pushing hard he could break the surface and feel the substance suckling on his finger. When he got it out he wiped it on a sock he just removed and was already damaged and it started to dissolve slowly where he put some of the juice. There were two uses that came to his mind for this, but first checking the rest.

He had the silver ring he was still wearing that made people like him more and the golden ring he took from Vanessa. He couldn't equip this one as it was for a girl, but still even if he didn't find a use for it, it should sell for quite a sum being solid gold.

He used the damaged sock to put on the side the Butt plug he took from Frank. He was laughing at the fact that on top of having to wear such a thing this type of relationship probably meant that he would be punished for removing and losing it.

Vanessa's wallet contained nothing of use once the money had been extracted. There were some gift cards for girls clothing stores for pretty high amounts and John asked himself if the inventory didn't extract the money from those too, explaining the high amount he got, sadly he couldn't use them to verify in case they were linked to her name and reported stolen.

The last three items where some he knew nothing about so he used Observe on them.

Mana Affinity Bracelet: special item. This small silver chain with a blue pearl grants its wearer a better grasp on their mana.
+2 Intellect
+2 Wisdom
+50 max mp
-10% mana cost for skills
+2mp/min mana regen
By absorbing Mana while the wearer sleeps the bracelet can refill the Mana bar instantly once a day.

Damn that was powerful, but then it dropped from a creature more than twice his level. He knew he would not be able to rely on Moira's strength and should be his own man but this was a good starting bonus, it was more than +50% extra on his Mana pool and the regen, the emergency refill was awesome too. He equipped it without losing a second and was happy to see that he got not only +50 max mp but that he got the 50 mp too.

Next he looked at the small shiny item he got from Moira hoping to get another powerful trinket to boost him up.

Vow Keeper: unique item. This small golden key unlocks the Brighton family's most precious treasure.

Unique was good, but it was a bit cryptic. He would have to see if he could figure this one out tomorrow when going to Moira's manor. Her family was from old British aristocracy and had a Medieval manor moved here to be rebuilt in the USA. And from what she said it was also the base for her Knight Order.

The book now, he opened it but the pages were covered in a script he couldn't read. The cover had a picture of a pretty girl with glitter around her.

Skill book: Glamour, 30mp
Glamour makes people more attractive and more likeable. Can be cast on oneself or a target.
+10 relationship points on a target, stacks at skill lvl+1
+10 charisma for 2 hours on the caster.

Learn skill?

His charisma was crap and apart from Ms Summers his relationship scores were abysmal. He clicked yes immediately and learned the spell. This book already magic in itself disappeared rather than having blank pages. And he gained Glamour lvl1.

Alright, now that he had inventoried all his loot it was time to assign his points and experiment.

After a short reflection he decided that while more charisma would be nice, boosting more useful stats was the priority. He could die in one of those Barriers if he was not careful and they seemed the best way to lvl up.

He put +2 points in Endurance and +3 in intellect. More hp and mp would always be useful and the endurance will allow him to last longer if he managed to put his upgraded dick to good use.

He scooped the contents of the green slime jar leaving only enough so it would slowly fill up once he added fluids to it and used Craft on it.

What he got was a long cylinder made of slime with a less slippery surface on the outside.

Living Cock-sleeve: special item. This masturbation tool will massage and suck your cock if you put it in it. Must be fed at least once a week or will become inert.

Craft lvl2: you can now create items of a better quality or improve existing items

Hey could it be? He picked up his damaged pants and used Craft on them.

Use as raw materials?

He clicked repair but instead of Mana the pop-up told him the repair would cost 12.57$. He could easily afford that thanks to Vanessa and paid for the repair of his uniform, costing him 39,24$ in total. He imagined that if the items were magical the sum would be a lot higher.

He looked but his Craft lvl was not sufficient to improve his two magic items.

For upgrades he could only improve quality of the fabric or durability but it would cost him a lot. He probably needed either an extra skill or some materials to enchant items with magic powers.

He cast Glamour on himself to see what it would do but it didn't look to him like it did anything, he had not changed in appearance at all. It was probably just an effect on other people's perception of him.

He put on some clothes and after stashing everything he shouldn't own back in his inventory he went downstairs for dinner, taking care to slip a 10$ bill back into his mom's purse when he passed it.

A nice evening to rest after a hectic day.

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