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Chapter 30 by TheScyle TheScyle

What does he do?

Taking charge

Right of the bat he hit her with an arouse. He knew about her status now, so she probably was already wet by default. This was only adding to it.

"I have done some research and found out a few things." Another Arouse. He wanted her brain to turn into mush.

"Turns out my father..." he couldn't get himself to call him dad anymore. "has another family he is with. And even more, it seemed you knew about that." After a dramatic pause he continued. "You know how they call that? You are a side hoe." And a third Arouse. It started to take visible effect. He saw her shifting under the blanket. She looked really uncomfortable. It was obvious that she did not want to have this conversation, especially not right now. She wanted this knowledge to never reach John, and now he found out.

"And why wouldn't they, hm? I mean, just look at you." John grabbed the blanket and pulled it off of her, revealing all of her body to him. Her hard nipples once again only covered by the pastings. Her pussy covered by the panties he chose, or in this case rather not covered by the see through material. "You look like you are ready to take a whole gangs dicks at the same time." John had seen all to well that her fingers were alread between her legs, and she only pulled them away as the blanket was removed. He didn't want her to masturbate now. He didn't want her to find relief, yet.

"Take off this skimp outfit!" He commanded and grabbed her breasts, fondling them roughly so the pastings came off. She didn't stop him. Good.

He walked around the bed so he stood in front of her, straight view to her pussy. "This one has to go too. Way to see through!" He said and grabbed the panty he had chosen for her and ripped it apart.

"Now, dont you feel more in your element? A gold digger who fucks a married man? Nude on a bed, wet from your lust and ready to take any dick presented to you. That is what you are, aren't you?" He waited for a second. He hadn't noticed before, but now he saw that she was crying. This was hurting her feelings, and he knew it, but without this pain, there was no way he could help her later. It was hard for him, too.

Just as she opened her mouth to say something, John reached forward and thrusted his fingers in her pussy, casting a fourth Arouse on her while still inside. "If you are not a wanton slut, then tell me to stop! Should be easy for a decent woman!" He began fingering her, rubbing her clit, spreading inside.

"John, please..." she started whimpering. He didn't even know if she meant for him to stop or to continue, nor did he care. He could see that she was actively trying not to enjoy this. She didn't want to be aroused now. She didn't want to be a slut in front of her son. But his skills forced her to it. As he noticed that he just regained 2 mp he instantly cast an overcharged arouse on her again, which did the trick.

Despite all resistance she came on his hands. Heavily.

"Mom, you will never let my father back into this house. You will tell him to stay with his family and just pay for you. You are happy without him." Slowly John pulled out his fingers from his mothers still convulsing snatch.

"John, I can't..." He didn't want to waste any seconds with her complains, so he pushed his fingers back in, making sure she understood that he was not taking no for an answer. "FINE. Yes, I won't let him in. But..." He understood what she didn't say. 'But how am I supposed to get fucked then, because I don't want you to do it'.

"You won't wear clothes at home anymore. And every time either you or me feels like it, you will spread your legs and if you are lucky, I will finger you to orgasm." He deliberately sticked to fingering. He already did this right now, so there was no need to demand something she might refuse.

Sobbing, she nodded. "Yes. Okay."

Where does he take it with her next?

More fun
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