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Chapter 76 by Shandy Shandy

Get your sunglasses and go back to the patio? Or see what Lin can do?

See if Lin needs help

"Mrs. Chandler won't be back for several hours, Lin. I'm the only one home." You see a flicker of what might be worry in her face, but might also be something else.

"Sorry Mrs. Jennings is not here. She gave me list of tasks, but first time. It's confusing." She pulls a printed list from her pocket and shows it to you. "Your bed is hard to make. So big." She smiles shyly.

"Yes," you answer. "I saw you struggling with it. You have very pretty legs Lin." She blushes and looks down. "And an even prettier ass," you add, seeing her blush deepen.

"Sorry Mr. Chandler if I do not work well for you."

"You work very well, Lin," you smile. "Let me help you with the bed."

"But Mr. Chandler is my job to do," she protests with a smile.

"You like to work with beds, Lin?" You grin at her, frankly looking at her.

It takes a moment for her to understand the innuendo, and then she blushes and giggles, holding one hand over her mouth.

"Mr. Chandler you are teasing me. My English is not so good, you are mean to tease a poor girl like me," she giggles, her eyes flashing at you.

"I'm not teasing, Lin," you say, putting your hand at the top of her smock and undoing the first button. She looks up at you with a shy smile and you undo another button, pulling the smock open to show a lacy girlish bra enclosing her small breasts. You trace a finger down her breastbone, then slide a hand under her bra and cup her breast, pinching her nipple gently. She moans and presses herself against you.

"You like Lin, Mr. Chandler? You think I am pretty?"

For answer you unbutton her smock completely, pushing it off her shoulders to fall on the floor. You push the bra above her breasts and bend your head, biting each nipple as she gasps and writhes against you, trying to tug your shorts down.

You push her back on the bed and see that she's wearing Hello Kitty panties. You peel them down her thighs, revealing a carefully shaven pussy. You drop your shorts, your hard cock springing free. She giggles again, wriggling on the bed.

You grab her ankles and raise them over your shoulders, rubbing your cock between her lips, feeling her hot moisture. With a groan, you thrust into her, pumping into her hard and fast as you hold her legs in the air. Her hands claw the sheets, clutching handfuls of fabric as you take her. Her mouth is open and ravenous, making little panting grunts in a rising crescendo as you fill her tight cunt with meat.

You're in no mood to be gentle or take your time with her, you just want to ravish her and slake your lust, fucking her slender body mercilessly. She seems to like it this way, gasping and squirming as you pound into her, her mouth wet and wanton, her eyes wild and excited.

With a final hard thrust you start to come, your hot spunk filling her tight little pussy. Her own cries peak and she pushes against you, moaning words in her own language as her face shivers with excitement.

Finished, you pull out of her, letting her legs fall limp of the edge of the bed. One hand toys with her swollen pussy, the other rubs a nipple as she stares at you with look of a happy satisfaction.

"If you need more help with the bed, just let me know," you tell her and kiss her full pouty lips.

Any more use for Lin? Or move on?

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