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Chapter 77 by Torg Torg

Any more use for Lin? Or move on?

She's willing, so why the hell not

The pretty maid wraps her legs around your waist and hugs you close as you kiss. Her tongue plays with yours as you explore her mouth. She moves one hand down to grasp your cock and stroke it. Lin breaks the kiss and whispers, "Oh, Mr. Chandler, you take advantage of me. Your rooster feel so good. I need more help with the bed." Her hand jerks your cock more urgently, and you feel the blood coming back. This one's a little minx once she gets going.

You untangle yourself from her arms and kneel over her legs. You flip the pretty maid over on her belly, making her squeal. Then you slap her ass several times, and she shrieks, then moans as she gets more turned on. You plunge inside her again, the heat of her cunt feels like a furnace. You grip her ass cheeks roughly, pulling them apart to watch her tight little rosebud tense and relax as you fuck her. You get an idea and as you pound her pussy, you lick your thumb and press it to her asshole.

"Oh, no, sir! How can you take my ass at the same time!? Oh, fuck! No!" she says with tension in her voice.

Your thumb pops inside her ass, and she groans. Her pussy tightens around your intruding cock. In a couple strokes, the maid moans louder and pushes back to take your cock deep inside her, and your thumb plunges deep as well. You speed up the pace, and her moans and grunts fuse into one long outburst of lust. You time your thumb with your thrusts to fill both her cavities at once.

"Ohmygod! Ohmygod!" she shouts, and then Chinese spills from her mouth as her body quivers through another hard orgasm. She pushes harder back into you, grunting and shouting with every thrust.

You speed up more, pounding your thumb into her nether hole as your cock ravishes her cunt. Then you grab her hair and pull her head back, which makes her scream in ecstasy as you explode inside her, filling her pussy with your lava hot jizz. You growl and roar as you cum, closing your eyes to the pleasure.

She collapses to the bed, and you slip from her hot cunt and remove your thumb from her sphincter. You move to where her head is turned toward the edge of the bed and stroke her hair. She opens her eyes blearily with a smile on her face. She see your cock and opens her mouth. You move closer and she takes you past her lips and cleans you off. Then you offer her your thumb. She looks up at you warily, but you look sexily at her and grin. She gingerly takes your hand and licks your thumb, making a bad face, but continuing, then sucking it full into her mouth.

When she finishes, she looks up at you and says, "I've never done that before. It was good, Mister Chandler."

What's next?

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