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Chapter 2 by dkgooner dkgooner

What wil happen during Jessica's sleep? Will someone come to visit our naked beauty?

Nothing, but a vivid dream

Their lips mashed together – big, soft and wet lips, his tongue pushing into her mouth, brazenly exploring – and she eagerly met him. Her tongue swirling around his as her legs closed together, onto his strong thighs…

“Mmm-hmm!” she moaned into his mouth, arching her naked body underneath him.

Breathing deeply onto his strong chin as he pulled away – her face leaning forward with him for a moment, trying to keep their lips locked – she chewed onto her bottom lip as she watched his chiseled physique, strong, wide chest and those powerful arms. She felt her head falling back onto the sheets as he covered her much smaller body in his and trailed his mouth down her slender neck.

“Oh! Yessss…” she moaned, big smile on her face and her hands intertwined in his short hair, as he slowly moved down her body. Those big lips and powerful tongue giving more than a fair share of attention to every inch of hot, naked skin on the way.

Moaning aloud and writing on top of the bed, as he closed his warm mouth onto her dripping sex, her legs moving onto his big shoulders and his hands grasping onto her thighs as he ate her as if being on the verge of starvation.

Minutes later, with legs trembling and her sexy, toned, flat belly quivering at the feeling of a strong orgasm about to wash over her body, he suddenly pulled his mouth off her. Hearing her own sexy whimper of frustration as he moved onto his knees and grinned down at her in reply, Jessica felt her cheeks blushing. Her chest heaving as she gulped down big mouthfuls of air, her body splayed out in front of him and she easily allowed him to guide her legs further apart –spreading them open in an almost obscene way – with his big hands as he knelt between her legs; huge, dark torso calling for her attention.

She moaned in appreciation as she took in his chest once more and then the well-trimmed abs, dark black and glistening. But her eyes settled on that black mamba between his legs, impossibly big and as dark as night, contrasting nicely to her own bronze skin, and guaranteed to scratch that itch she felt right now.

The familiar sound of her phone then filled the hotel room, pulling Jessica out of dreamland.

“Ahhh…” she groaned in confusion, being suddenly pulled awake, adding a frustrated “- oh, fuck!” at being done so at that exact moment. Her eyes did a quick scan of the room, confirming her location and looking down her body – covered in a thin layer of perspiration, her breast tightened with nipples standing proud and very hard on top. Her bronze skin glistening in what little glare from the streetlights came through the curtains as she turned on the soft sheets to dig her phone out of her purse.

“Yes?!” she snapped at whoever’s calling, “… yeah, I’m just about ready…” she lied, someone from her management calling to make sure she got to the concert, then adding that she’d be picked up shortly – she was about leave anyhow, so no biggie, right? – “Cool…” Jessica agreed, glancing at the alarm clock on the table.

Her eyes opening wide, not at all much time to spare, she quickly set in motion after finishing the call. Having claimed to be on the way out the door already – and now she apparently meeting someone downstairs – she jumped off the bed and hurried into the bathroom, thinking a quick, and very cold, shower was what was required now.

“With this time frame…” she muttered to herself as she stepped into the water, gasping at the cold. Had it not been for someone coming for her, she would have most likely decided to miss some of the concert to give her body the urgent needed relief it so needed.

Mere minutes later Jessica was looking herself in the mirror, checking her appearance was good to go, before wrapping a scarf around her neck and picking up her purse to get going. Dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt, her hair simply pulled back into a ponytail, she headed for the door.

Does she make it downstairs incident free? Is her driver impatient; at her door already or delayed?

More fun
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