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Chapter 5 by dirtykentman dirtykentman

Does she allow him to take her further?

No, she panics and heads back.

For a moment she let him guide her again, but as she felt the ground under her feet turn from paved to grass, her heels digging slightly into the softness, her mind returned to some sense.

"No, no, I can't" she muttered, stopping still even as he nudged at the small of her back. For a brief moment he pressed against her again, making her think he was about to force her to move. She was ready to scream when the pressure stopped and his hand simply rested there.

"It's ok Flis, it's all your choice, we don't have to go further, you can go back to the party anytime you like, go find your parents, spend the rest of the evening in the dull company of all those people just chatting business." His voice wasn't mocking or condescending. Rather it was soft, almost forgiving, and even as he spoke he slipped his hand away from her.

She turned to face him, her mind in turmoil, one part wanting to continue, see where this man would lead her, but at the same time she was scared and worried, at what might happen, at it being so close to where her parents were, at being so exposed just a short distance from the mansion.

"I...I....I..." her voice caught as she stuttered, trying to come to a decision.

"No, I understand Flis, you need time to think. Here, take this and think about it." He slipped a hand inside his jacket pulling out a business card, placing it in her trembling hands. "You can call me anytime if you would like to meet again."

Even as she took the card, he returned his hand around her waist, turning her back the way they had come, back to the pathway, already guiding her back towards the mansion, the sound of the party hitting her again as they wandered slowly and silently back towards the building. Only as they neared the large doors through which they had left earlier did he remove his hand from her, and as they walked through she almost walked straight into her parents who were at that moment chatting business to another couple just inside the doorway.

Does he leave her there?

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