Finding of Felicity

A young girl's exploration of her inner desires

Chapter 1 by dirtykentman dirtykentman

"All alone?" the gentle voice behind her caught her by surprise, making her jump slightly. She turned towards it, quickly recovering her composure, to see it belonged to a man probably in his 40s, probably as old as her dad.

"Well, kinda. I'm actually here with my parents, but they're off networking. As ever" she informed him. It was the truth. She had been dragged along to this charity event by her parents, her protests that it would be "boring as hell" not enough to get her out of the evening. Rather she was here, as bored as she had predicted, and in a posh dress so unlike the outfits she would normally be wearing on a typical Saturday night out with her mates. And her parents were nowhere to be seen, having left her alone as soon as they saw someone they wanted to talk business with.

"Irresponsible of them I'd say" he told her with a relaxed smile, "leaving such a lovely young lady all alone, anything could happen." His eyes were locked on hers as he spoke, and something about not just the words but the way he said them whilst looking at her gave her a thrill. She looked back at him, taking him in properly, deciding her guess at being in his early 40s was still correct, maybe a little older, nearly six foot tall, short cropped dark hair and looking completely at home in his tailored suit. Certainly unlike the type of guy she would normally be chatting to on a Saturday night, normally she would be in a bar or a club with friends her age, not here, where everyone around her seemed at least twice her tender young age of just 18.

All she could do was nod and giggle agreement at his last comments, her mind racing, uncertain what was happening here. She was fairly certain he was hitting on her, but in a way so unlike guys her own age would be doing. This was more subtle, more relaxed, and while she knew she should be repelled by him being at least twice her age, she knew she would be disappointed if he were to leave right now.

"Maybe you would like another drink and some company then?" She smiled and nodded at his suggestion, excited that he had no such intentions of leaving her just yet then. "Shall we go to the bar then?" Even as he asked, already sliding his hand onto her lower back as if to guide her in the direction of one of the many bars around the large room.

Does she allow him to lead her?

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