Escape the island
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Chapter 2 by dirtykentman dirtykentman

Does she allow him to lead her?

Yes, she doesn't resist

Almost before she had a chance to respond, she felt subtle pressure on her back, encouraging her feet to move in the direction he wished. She quickly found herself at the bar, and shortly after, with a fresh wine glass in her hand.

"Thanks." Her smile up to him was returned from his strong face, and again she offered no resistance as his hand eased down the back of her dress, leading her towards the large doors that opened up onto the impressive spacious gardens of the mansion the charity event was being held in.

"Such a lovely evening, would you like to get some fresh air, I'm finding it just a little stuffy and boring as hell in here anyway" he whispered to her with a grin. Her laugh showed she was glad it wasn't just herself finding the whole evening dull and full of people clearly here to be seen in the right place so they could say they have done their part for charity. The pressure of his hand again encouraged her to step through the large doors, and as she did she savoured the cool evening air.

"So I don't know your name young lady." It was more of a statement that a question but she felt compelled to answer it anyway, "Felicity, but my friends call me Flis."

"So how old then my young Flis?" he asked, seeming to place large emphasise of the use of Flis, a fact not lost on her and one that made her smile and feel excited about his forwardness.

"Eighteen." His eyes showed his liking of that age, again his reaction give her a thrill, she wasn't sure why, but she tried to tell herself that having the attention of this older man was a way to make this evening more bearable. And as they spoke, he continued to guide her outside, the large mansion getting further away behind them.

Does she let him continue to lead her away from the mansion?

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