Escape the island
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Chapter 23 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Does luck favor the bold?

It does indeed.

"Oh my! John, is that all for me?" asked his goddess of a teacher. "I wasn't expecting you for a few days."

Good point, she wasn't mad at him and was doing nothing to escape his embrace. John could almost swear that she was in fact rubbing her ass against his crotch.

"I hadn't been able to stop thinking about you since yesterday, June. I don't think I will survive until Saturday," he replied.

She turned back to face him but without getting out of his arms. He could feel her hand groping him and her voluptuous chest pressing against his chest. Her face was so close, a few inches from his own.

He decided to put to use the lessons learned with his mom the previous day. He kissed her, his mouth pushed on hers with their tongues swirling in a sensual ballet. The dress she was wearing today was strapless and closed at the back with a zipper. John pulled down on the little tab, which made the whole dress quickly fall to her ankles. As usual she had no bra on, one of the facts that made her such a popular teacher.

"You sure are bold today, Mr Newman. And what do you intend to do now that you uncovered all of me and that I am at your mercy?" she asked him. Only then did he realize that she had nothing under the dress. The description on her thong had stated it was the one she wore to class, not one of them.

He managed to get his eyes off her wonderful tits just long enough to see that his score with her was now at +129, she seemed to like him taking charge like that. With his score and the boost he would get from owning her favorite panties he felt confident in his chances. June was standing in front of him after taking a few steps back, she was only wearing a pair of high heels and showed no intention to cover her divine body from his gaze.

John opened his zipper and got his upgraded dick and balls out. As his proud erection pointed at her, he looked at her defiantly.

"You caused this and you should help take care of it. So get on it!" he told her, looking her in the eyes (a herculean task when her tits are out). He must had got a lucky roll, or however those things are decided, because without a word she got on her knees in front of him and her rp bar ticked +8 putting her at +137rp.

A dream made reality. No porn actress, no comic babe, no tentacly hentai was able to make him hard as good as June Summers. It was his first year at the Academy after finishing high school, but he had spent half of it daydreaming (and sometimes having wet dreams at night) about her. The sight of her tits bursting out of her dress the day before was engraved in his mind and on his death bed he would probably think of it while going to his grave.

But the sight of her, fully naked and beginning to fondle his junk, the tip of it approaching her lips, that was going to be another level of fantasy.

John had never gotten a proper blowjob before, despite all that happened last night. June was an artist and it showed in everything she did (John thought she could also be considered a piece of art).

He didn't know if she was just talented, really motivated, or if it was experience, but her technique was impressive.

He felt in heaven, his dream girl was sucking him and on her way to swallow his cock from what it felt like. The warmth, wetness and moves inside her mouth and throat were too much for John (too much libido for his lower endurance ever after his upgrades). He shot a massive load of cum into her mouth (more than he ever did or heard of).

June swallowed it all without showing any distaste and got to her feet. She went to her desk, her bare ass swaying as she walked and took a sip of ice tea from a can on her desk.

"You taste really nice John, but I can't afford to have cum breath for the rest of the day. So now that we took care of your issue what do you want to..." she told him, but she stopped dead in the middle of the sentence when she saw his dick as hard as before, still resolutely raised in her direction like a compass needle.

Is the fun over? Or do they continue?

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