nora's fallout

nora's fallout

nora will be going through an accidental adventure

Chapter 1 by tenshiro_creeper tenshiro_creeper

In the peaceful vault of vault 81 a girl named nora was sitting in her room. Nora's daily duity was janitorial work in her special vault themed panties . She let out a big sigh "time for another day" nora says slipping her panties on and walking out of her room to get her cleaning supplies and begins working. As usual men of the vault see her and whistle to her or compliment about her huge tits "mmh. just leave me alone" nora said quietly as she cleaned.

Wemon's jobs in the vault is basic teaching ,cleaning ,cooking,and the medical bay they usually get stared at due to their boobs and bodies. Today was a bit weird for nora as the overseer called her to his/her office.

why did the overseer call for nora

More fun
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