"magic is wonderful, how could it have turned out this way?"

Chapter 1 by Ukko Ukko

there is magic, magic manifests itself in people in what everyone calls cells. there are many types of cells. cells are generally color less, but people still use a color system to determine which magic affinity a user has because of the way certain cell users perceive them. you have whats called pure magic; other people would say you have blue cells, but from the time before the dawn, when youve been able to play games, cells feel a lot more like magic instead of cells, hence why you refer to it as such.

no one actually knows how anyone gains their cell type. the four elemental types have only recently been popping up as people with innate cell powers recreate together.

in the old world, as people call it now, also known as pre-cell era, magic slowly started to spread to people, at first it seemed like a pandemic the likes of a zombie apocalypse because people kept dying, but later they found out that people only died because of other people abusing their own powers. this was found out by the blue cell users and their ability to detect magic and magical remnants, almost like dna at crime scenes.

strict rules were set upon the usage of cells, each country/nation had their own take on those rules, funnily enough, despite their resources, in the early days the big three were severely outmatched by smaller countries, often times right next to them, creating a shift in power, though they managed to pull through, with the exception of the year long lithuanian power vortex (lithuania had the most cell users at one point and thus new seats of power rose and fell at the beginning, driving curious and power hungry outside forces inside and vice versa) and the eventual decline of russias hold on most affairs in the geopolitical world, the occasional periods where cartels gained power around the us and the few revolutionary uprisings in china to name a few. this happened everywhere all around the world in smaller or bigger proportions and most people lived in continuous war like conditions.

you were still young when the first signs of an actual apocalypse started to show. in the western world, cell usage had been monopolized by 3 companies, one of which was government run. it was all very secretive, but from what youve heard, they mostly did experiments, some of which were morally ambiguous, while other experiments in far away countries recall the memories of previous world wars in some people.

blue=magic; it can only affect other cells/magic

red=life; used to affect the actual body of humans, red users are rarely evil due to the majority of power they hold being much easier to use when they use it for 'good'

white=fortification; allows the user to manipulate their own body to make themselves stronger, faster, durable etc. white and blue magic are the only known way to counter black magic, though white magic is independent of users power

black=; most akin to necrotic diseases and very rare (also a big reason why the world has literally decayed into a post apocalyptic state)

green=nature; can only affect biological mass, with the exception of humans

yellow=time; a very powerful and, together with space, the rarest of cells, time cells only allow the user to affect other things either accelerating or slowing time for the target

purple=space; some argue to be a simple fairytale that only gains merit due to the actual laws of physics that dictate the world as humans know it, you havent seen a purple user before but heard about a conspiracy that the government that lead the world to ruin was lead by a purple and yellow user pair

orange=fire; despite being so close to red and yellow, it is actually the result of a time and life user having kids, about 10 specimen of this have been recorded

turquoise=water; result of recreation between cell users of certain blue and green colors, 94 specimen recorded

grey=wind; only theorized to be wind which happens when a white and blue user have kids, no records available

brown=earth; no knowledge at all and thought to not exist even by the most crazy conspiracy theorists due to the nature of brown being a mix between all primary colors, there have been studies on this topic, but those have no been completed due to the fall of civilization, called the dusk

there are more theorized cell types, as the used color theory system suggests a wide range and even infrared and uav could be possible

the range of power varies from user to user, people often use tint/tone/shade as a way to describe ones affinity/power for things in their cell school.


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