What happened last night?

A married couple has fun at a party

Chapter 1 by Silentstep480 Silentstep480

Editors notes. : Having just adopted this story, I'm in the process of separating the points of view between Nick and Jen. I have only been given editor rights so far, so I can only change so much at a time. Bare with me and I hope you enjoy my attempt to revive this story.

The night did not start out as I had hoped. While we had both been looking forward to this party for some time, one of my favourite parts of going to parties like this was watching my wife get ready beforehand. The whole evening turned into a big rush though.

First, when I had gotten home from work Jen was talking on the phone while serving supper to the kids. They were supposed to already be at her folks ready to spend the night. She was in clothes she had just thrown on after getting out of the shower obviously in a rush as she still had a towel on her head.

She saw me and put her hand on the phone and started issuing orders. "You are going to have to bring them over, I take longer to get ready.". She gave me a quick kiss and started chatting on the phone again, walking upstairs as she did so.

Long story short, I had to deal with in-laws and traffic instead of watching Jen get dressed and primped. When I made it home she was ready and I barely had time to get ready myself before dashing out the door, Jen already waiting for me in the car.

"Hurry up Nick, I told Pat at lunch today that we would definitely be there on time. You need to help them set up the speaker system on the pool deck since the weather turned out so much better than the forecast," she rattled off without sounding a bit unapologetic for volunteering me for the job.

Typical Jen, still, she knew me well. I hated dealing with icebreakers and doing something I knew so well always helped on that end. "Are they planning on using the pool? I don't want to electrocute anyone."

She looked at me for a minute, "Shit," (her language always went out the window the moment the kids were out of earshot), "I totally forgot your suit!".

"That's ok, dealing with drying and changing at someone else's house is a pain. I don't mind if you swim... What suit did you bring?" I said not-so-innocently.

She laughed and said, "a new one, you'll have to wait and see. If I even go swimming... Not sure I want to go without you.". She looked at me for a moment and touched my leg, "maybe... I really wanted you to see my new suit. I really have done well losing all that weight the last couple months."

It was my turn to laugh when I added, "Yeah, all five pounds you thought you really had to lose!" The sarcasm wasn't lost on her as she smacked my arm. She had always kept herself in such great shape, even with having kids.

Stopping the car I looked at the clock, "Hah! See, you were worried! I'm always perfectly on time," I said pointing at the dash, "7:30 on the dot!"

She just gave me an odd smile and said, "Yup, don't know how you do it."

What kind of party are they at?

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