Adventures of a young nerdy girl

Chapter 1 by sean_d2345 sean_d2345

It was a day like any other day for Allison, she had just started a job at a hospital as a low paying tech but it was so much better than retail and she really enjoyed the people she worked with. While she settled into the routine of her job, her thoughts drifted to her life. Allison had a good life. A loving family, a lot of friends, and a better paying job. The only real sore point in Allison’s life was her love life. She had (and still is) a bit of a geek. She loves all things manga and anime. Allison also doesn’t have a whole lot of self-confidence even though she’s been told by many people that she is attractive. As such, Allison has only ever had 2 boyfriends. The first boyfriend was a young love type. There was hand holding and kissing but that was it before he moved away. The second boyfriend kept pressuring her for sex and she wasn't ready. He had groped her a bit but she stopped it and broke up with him once she found out he had cheated on her. As such, Allison doesn’t want a guy that just wants sex. She wants to be romanced and loved and so far she had gotten nothing. Her last attempt trying to go out with someone ended in rejection and left her even more unsure of herself. But Allison wasn’t going to concern herself with that right now. Love will happen when it happens. Until then. She can always fantasize about Vegeta from DBZ.

Which brought her mind back to the present, she was on break and a co-worker asked her what her weekend plans were.

“I’m going to Udon-Con” said Allison

“What’s that?” asked her co-worker

“It’s a Japanese pop culture con. Lots of anime and manga to check out. Cosplayers. Things like that” said Allison

“Sounds like a nerdfest” said her co-worker

Allison just scoffed it off. This was her weekend to have fun and unwind and that’s exactly what she intended to do

She had worked it out with her friend’s, they would leave in two cars at the same time on Thursday and get to the con, check in to their hotel, and relax. Allison would be driving her car with one of their friends there wasn’t a decision on who yet. Allison was looking forward to a nice fun weekend

That’s when it all went to hell

She got the call on Monday from her dad that her Aunt Mary had passed away in the night. Allison was shocked. Her Aunt Mary was only 64 and she had seemed fine when she saw her last week. Aunt Mary was her favorite Aunt. She had provided her so much support and love. Any time Allison felt like the world was against her, her Aunt Mary would be there to help her sort out her pain. And now she was gone. Allison asked to be excused from work and sat in her car. For the next hour she bawled her eyes out. Aunt Mary was gone

The next day, her family planned out the memorial for Aunt Mary. Allison was lost in grief and needed something to help her feel better. She thought back to her plans for Udon-Con. The memorial would be on Thursday in the morning. Her friends would have to leave without her, but she could still drive over night and get there in time for the start of con. Allison’s family was less approving, but they knew that they all had to deal with their grief and this was Allison’s way. Allison told her friends and they prepared for their departure.

Wednesday night before the memorial, Allison got a call from one of her friends. They told her they would stay behind and leave with her to keep her company. Allison was touched and it helped ease her since she wouldn’t be driving alone anymore. She made her plans to depart with them

Who comes with Allison?

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