Tricked to be a Treat

Scene 1

Chapter 1 by Nicegent42 Nicegent42

Scene 1

Standing at the edge of the property large backyard Aaron held his hands out over the fire that burned in the old oil drum. The temperature was in the high fifties even with the sun directly overhead. Today was supposed to be the coldest this week, but October was just starting and soon enough winter would be upon them. Aaron himself had a self satisfied smirk on his face as he kept himself warm by the fire. That was when he heard it, the shrieking voice of his step mother as she yelled at him from across the yard. She was a problem. It was because of her that his father had forgotten about his real mom who had passed when he was eight. Aaron was mad at him for forgetting her, he never talked about her any more. Aaron was mad at the world for taking her and leaving him with this big breasted blonde that got her hooks into his dad and he hated that he was attracted to his own stepmom, it was all like some bad joke.

“What do you think you are doing!?” Dalila yelled as she stomped closer to her stepson, knowing exactly what he was doing, but praying she was wrong. The two of them had never gotten along well, things were much better, not perfect, but better with Aaron’s older sister Evelyn. A new woman coming into their lives she figured could be bumpy but after being married to the teens father for seven years and giving him a little sister, she thought things would get better. Things had not gotten better, and now that he was eighteen Dalila thought about broaching the subject of him leaving the house, she just wasn’t sure how to approach the subject with her husband. Evelyn still lived at home and was two years older than Aaron, but she went to a local college. She could only hope the blonde haired boy would decide to go somewhere far away, or at least open up to the idea of her being part of the family.

Shifting his body Aaron turned to the side, still keeping his hands over the fire as he watched the gold digger march towards him. He was only eleven when she married his dad and he could see exactly what his old man saw in her, she was sexy as hell. Even today, when she wasn’t planning to go anywhere, or at least far as he knew, she was dressed up in a chocolate brown long sleeved knit cashmere sweater dress that came down to mid thigh. Around her neck was a light blue feather patterned scarf, he wasn’t sure how expensive cashmere was, but he doubted that piece of fabric was worth it and then to top it off she had some dark brown calf zip up boots with chunky three inch heels. He thought she looked great, like any twenty-six-year-old milf would and the very fact he was attracted to the woman that was closer in age to him than his forty-year-old father just pissed him off more. From the time they started dating to getting married seemed like a blink of an eye. ‘Did Pops even think about Mom before he married Dalila?’

Taking in a deep breath as she looked in the flaming metal barrel Dalila was just able to tell what was burning inside, a large supply of crumpled up newspaper and a small collection of her little one’s stuffed animals. “How could you do this? Why would you do this? Dotty is going to be a mess when she finds out her big brother burned her things!”

“How?” Aaron gave the tall woman a shrug. Inside of him he had a burning flame much like the one he stood in front of, between his blonde stepmom and his little sister Dot it had been stoked high. His , that he hoped taught them both a valuable lesson, helped bring his rage under control, but just looking at her wearing expensive clothes, things he was sure his old man had bought for her… the woman standing there in her three inch chunky heeled boots stood just over six feet tall, but even without them her normal five foot ten would dwarf his own five foot six. He hated how she mooched off his father, his will seemingly gone whenever she asked for something. He hated himself for how he enjoyed looking at her wearing the same things. To Aaron she was an Amazonian milf. If he had the self awareness to be honest with himself he would know his sensitivity about his own height, being a few inches shorter than his older sister who was the same height as his father made him jealous that his pops, only three inches taller than him could pull a girl who looked like this. “How? That was easy, crumpled up newspaper on top of the burned out coals, lighter fluid and a match.” He saw the older woman’s light blue eyes go wide before narrowing as she looked at him with a type of passion he could relate to.

‘She hates me, she hates me for telling Dad what she is really about. She hates me for standing up to her little princess who gets to do what she wants.’ His plan was working. It wasn’t a well thought out plan, none of his schemes ever had much time in the planning phase, but it looked like she was going to give him exactly what he wanted. She was now feeling what he felt, like things had been taken away, just like they were from him and she was pissed. ‘She had her chance to prevent this.’ Aaron thought as he rubbed his hands together over the small blaze. “Why? Where do you want me to start? How about when I told Dot I didn’t want to play with her dolls, or when I told her to not play in my room. We can move on to when I told her to take her stuffed animals back to her room instead of leaving them in mine. I swear another one appears almost every day! I told you to pick up after her, but nooo. Well consequences for actions and all.”

“Consequences.” Dalila tensed her jaw as she nodded, looking right into her step son’s brown eyes. She thought it was cute that Dotty wanted to play with her older brother, or at least play in his room when she could. But she also understood the need to feel like you had some privacy, doubly so as a teen, but he had gone way too far. “You…” Dalila was burning with anger just like the fire in front of her. “Dotty didn’t leave them in your room just lying about, did she?” Her ice blue eyes staring less at the teen and more into the teen with their intensity. She already knew the answer to her own question, when Aaron had told her, not asked, told her about Dotty leaving her things in his room. She told the seven year old that she needed to pick up after herself. She wanted to also tell the teen he needed to speak to her with respect, but that had been a losing battle.

“Yeah! She kept leaving them on my bed.”

“Did Dotty tell you why she was doing that? Did you try having a conversation to work things out or did you just yell at her?” Again, she already knew the answer. Aaron was a shy child when they first met, didn’t say much, but oh he changed when he started to go through puberty. Dalila missed that boy who fell asleep with his head on her lap when she was dating Gerald.

“What is it you like to say?” he snapped. “This isn’t a discussion, I wasn’t going to discuss why she isn’t picking up her crap. Maybe if you talked to your little princess like you talk to me she would have some boundaries, but no… My little half sister is a spoiled brat.” Aaron spat. The words had hardly escaped his lips before he heard the sound of the slap when his stepmother’s open hand connected with his cheek before he could feel the warmth of the impact and the blossoming of the pain. “Bitch! Did you just hit me!?” Aaron cried out in outrage.

For her part Dalila stood there in front of the eighteen year old, wide eyed, not believing she had raised her hand to attack anyone, let alone him. That thought lasted less than a second before her burning anger boiled over once more when she felt the emotional impact of his insults directed at her and found herself raising her hand once more.

Seeing the Amazon’s hand rise Aaron flinched before taking a quick step back and around the hot barrel to have something between them. “You hit me! I can’t wait to see what Pops has to say about this. You fucked up now!” he said still feeling the sting from the impact on his face, it hadn’t been that hard, but he had never been hit in the face before and hadn't been spanked since before his real mother passed. The smirk he had on his face when he started the fire returned as he darted out from behind the burning stuffed animals and ran to the back door.

Letting out a long sigh Dalila closed her eyes for a few seconds to count to ten to try and calm her nerves. ‘You are the adult, Aaron is just a teenager.’ she chided herself wishing Gerald had made his son… their son, she mentally corrected herself, made their son see a therapist to work out his anger issues. But Gerald had insisted that it was normal for a teen boy and that he would grow out of it.

Feeling the cool breeze blow across the yard she found herself a little calmer, at least clear headed enough to notice the dirty blond haired boy hadn’t bothered to bring anything over to put out the fire he had started. Having to clean up his mess wasn’t what she wanted to do, definitely not after the argument, but she supposed that was part of being a mother. So she moved to the house to get the garden hose. Turning the knob for the water she heard the backdoor open and expected to see her husband wanting to know what happened, and praying it wasn’t Aaron wanting another round of verbal or worse Dotty coming to ask her to help find her toys that no longer existed.

Evelyn stepped out onto the tall wooden deck, moving to the edge to see her step mother holding the garden hose and looking up. The reason for the hose was clear with the small amount of fire coming up from the burn barrel, what wasn’t clear was what happened with her brother just moments ago. “Hey Mom, what’s going on with Aaron?”

Looking up Dalila gave the twenty-year-old a weak smile. The dirty blonde haired young woman looked as if she had just woken up. No makeup on her face, hair a mess and wearing a gray sweater that mostly fit, but Dalila was sure she had taken it from her father, and had paired it with short yellow workout shorts. Hearing Evelyn call her that always felt nice, the first time she said it was at her wedding. Thirteen-year-old Evelyn holding her hand and asking if it was okay to call her Mom. She hadn’t expected being a stepmother to a teen girl would have been easier than with the boy, but she had come into Evelyn’s life at a time the girl needed an older female to confide in and teach her about growing into a woman. In this aspect she had been lucky, the girl was still a handful, literally screaming that she wasn’t her mother one time when her emotions were out of control, but she could remember yelling much less nice things at her own mother before slamming her bedroom door. “Good morning Eve. Do you want to know what is going on right now or in general?”

Shading her eyes from the sun Evelyn looked up, not one hundred percent sure morning hadn’t turned to afternoon. She had been up much later than she would have liked consoling one of her friends who had come to the end of her relationship after she found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her. “I don’t have time for everything, maybe just why he is yelling in the house for Dad.”

Glancing over at the barrel and then back to her stepdaughter, Dalila put down the hose and walked up the steps to have a proper conversation. “Your brother did something he shouldn’t, I reacted. He said something he shouldn’t have, and I over reacted.” Dalila said feeling squeamish about having to admit she raised her hand like that. Her anger was still there at what the boy had done and he absolutely needed to be punished, but she had let her anger get the best of her.

“Okay, yeah.” Evelyn said, nodding. “Sure, but what about some adjectives and verbs to help me fill in the blanks.”

Dalila gave the brown eyed girl a flat look. “I was getting to that.” she said before telling her everything that had just happened.

Crossing her arms, Evelyn had a half smile on her face, doing little to hold in her chuckle. “A few things. One, Aaron deserved that, I have been saying for years that he needed a good slap. Two, What the actual fuck!? He burned Dotty’s stuffed animals? Jeez, I’m living with a psycho.”

“I know you are technically an adult, but would you mind watching your language? I rather not have your little sister emulating you.” Dalila said, not for the first or even tenth time in recent memory.

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