Time is up

The power of time

Chapter 1 by wertyjderio wertyjderio

Gracie woke from her sleep and climbed out of the bed. The first day back at school, the start of her senior year. She knew it would be tough returning to high school as her secret being a lesbian was exposed, although she was still fairly good looking. Gracie had long auburn hair reaching just below her shoulders with dark blue eyes and also had a slim build with 34C sized boobs. However, the fact that she was different meant she was still bullied by most people at school.

She got changed into an appropriate outfit for school which was some faded jeans with a plain black T-shirt and a pale green hoodie. On the way downstairs Gracie heard her mom and her bitchy sister deep in conversation. As soon as her mom spotted her she said "I've left some breakfast for you out on the kitchen table."

"Thanks mom." Gracie reply gratefully as she was eager to eat. After all she couldn't go to school on an empty stomach.

"Careful there sis you don't want to go and make yourself fat now would you." taunted Gracie's sister who appeared from the other room. "I mean after you worked so hard to lose weight." It's true Gracie used to be overweight and bullied about it but worked hard to get the body she had now.

'Ugggh!' Gracie thought. She hated her little sister Amy. She was always treated as the priority over her when it came to her parents. Amy was more attractive, smart and even more athletic than Gracie making her, her parents prized daughter. Making her the forgotten one...

Thinking about when she used to be fat made Gracie lose her appetite, so instead she raced out of the door and went on the way to school. The bus didn't come around this early in the morning so Gracie took a shady route going through various dark alleys around the neighbourhood. As Gracie ran towards the school she noticed something glitter out of the corner of her eye. She took a look at the mystical package and thought about opening it.

Will she open it or walk away?

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