The uncovered treasures of J.Johnson.

Embarrassing Adventures

Chapter 1 by WilderDave WilderDave

The situation had gotten worse that morning for Jake Johnson; it was evident by the way he sprint across the branches of the jungle, the agitated breathing and droplets of sweat over his nervous face that made clear something didn't quite went as he had planned. As sounds of gunshot became louder it was time to think on a better alternative to lose the goons that have been tracking him, he couldn't go running forever, and surrendering wasn't an option after he had seen how these guys operate.

How it got to this? He wonders, It was a simple task he had to fulfill; enter the ruins and retrieve the artifact , nice and easy like he had done dozens of times before over his short period of life, no fights, guns or running across the wilderness in cargo short, just a simple extraction job and he would be buying rounds of tequila to the whole cantina by noon. but as fortune would show him in the upcoming next weeks everything can change in a moment.

Another gunshot rattles him up, it louder this time, they are getting closer but they still don't know where he is at, better to use that advantage and keep moving.

But what path should he follow through? recalling the map he brought about this part of the jungle there should be a river flowing east from there, he could lose track of the team and following the stream would get him to a town surely. But keep going south, down into the deeper jungle was also a good option, he knew local didn't dare going into the muddiest parts and the thick shrubbery could dissuade the assailants following him.

What path to take?

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