The Yes Man's Ring

A Ring which turns the world into your enablers!

Chapter 1 by CorpseKing CorpseKing

Containing the soul of the world's most agreeable Yes Man, it give the wearer the power to make any living thing or similar life form agree with them. Whether mentally, physically or spiritually. So the wearer has a lot of power, as long as it's a living thing or close enough, to make them agree with the person. Even their minds, bodies, and souls will bending and transformer into agree with them.

For instance, if one tells a blond that they have natural green hair, their hair will change so that it's naturally green. Or if you tell the noblest hero they are the vilest villain, they will be corrupted. Or you tell them they a genius or they have no memories or love a chicken, their minds will alter to accept this as true.

It has no effect on non-living not connected to a living thing. For instance, a car can't be changed. However, altering a person's past or elements of their nature would allow you to change the items around them. Tell a person they are poorer will cause their belongings to become cheaper and less of them, while telling them they are rich will make them have more expensive and more of those belongings.

It might be possible for the person wearing the ring to affect themselves. Though it may be tricky. It is possible for the wear to effect things by not only their voice and body language, but anything they write or any recording of their visual and/or audio communication.

So which world gets the ring? As well as who?

Which world gets the Yes Man's Ring?

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