The Special Breakfast

The Special Breakfast

True Story #1

Chapter 1 by Datm-e Datm-e

I met Fien during Erasmus in Portugal and was immediately enthralled by her. She was shy in the cutest of ways and it didn't take much for her cheeks to turn red, as I noticed from her conversations with others. She had long dark blond hair, was about 1,65m and couldn't stop smiling. But as everyone gathered in the meeting room on the first day, it were Fien's flashy cyan pants that caught my attention. That and her unusually sexy body. She had gorgeous legs; toned and just long enough leading to the most perfect ass I'd ever seen on an European girl. Every "ass man" knows nothing is more complementary to a great ass than a tiny waist, and those were Fien's finest assets. It took me about two weeks to befriend and invite her over. Luckily, the attraction was mutual and soon we became a couple. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and for those first few months we explored lots.

Soon came easter break and she was going home. Since I wasn't going anywhere, her family decided to invite me along. They had a guest room with a couple's bed and a fireplace, it was huge. Beforehand, Fien had warned me that everyone in her was an early riser, and that her father usually went working in his office, which was right next to the guest room. I've always hated waking up early, but as a guest, there wasn't much I could do.

What I didn't count on was waking up extremely horny the next morning. Fien was sleeping with a transparent baby-doll and tiny cotton shorts right next to me. Unable to help myself, I helped myself, caressing her thighs and gently squeezing her butt beneath the duvet. By the time Fien woke up, we were cuddling, I was whispering naughty things on her ear and my hard-on was poking her from behind.

"What are you doing? My father is right next door!"

"You know I can't help it when you're this sexy..."

Fien was turned on but still reluctant, so I took matters into my own hands, slowly dragging her shorts down. With my briefs gone, too, I began rubbing against her.

"We can't, I ran out of pills two days ago..." - She informed me, much to my discontent.

"Well, in that case, miss Dubois, I'm afraid we're gonna have to take the alternative path..." - I whispered, pulling her closer. We had tried anal a few times, and honestly I loved it. But without any lube, we had to improvise. I started dragging her own wetness backwards with my dick and lubing her tight back door. Breathing heavily, I began sliding up her almost unexplored ass. It took Fien a couple of minutes to get used to me back there again, but not long after, I'd managed to stuff her with my full length and started a gentle motion. Her moans were starting to give away her pleasure when...

"Fien, Henry, come! We're on the porch!"- Her mom suddenly yelled downstairs. We decided to remain quiet and, luckily, she went back outside and we got back to our thing. I continued enjoying Fien's beautiful ass for a few more minutes when, out of nowhere, her father knocked on our door.

"Fien! Your mom's waiting downstairs." - We remained quiet once again, but this time it didn't work. Her father yelled again and actually opened the door. Panicking, we both shut our eyes and pretended to be asleep. All I could think was 'Thank god for this duvet... otherwise Fien's dad would have realized very quickly that not only was I not asleep, but I was also all the way up in his daughter's ass. Luckily, our strategy worked, he shut the door and went back to his office.

"Holy shit that was close! Oh my god... my heart... we have to go down. I know mom's gonna come up if we don't show..." - Fien told me, terrified.

"But... can't we at least finish? I mean I'm..."

"No, we gotta go!" - Pissed, I watched her grab her morning bathrobe and head down. Angrily, I didn't even bother getting dressed. With a huge boner, I just threw my robe on. Downstairs in the kitchen, Fien saw how frustrated I looked, not only for having gotten up that early but especially for having stopped like that. She made sunny side eggs with a guilty look while I sat by the kitchen counter, grumpy. Meanwhile, her mom walked in, grabbed a cup of coffee and invited us to join them out back. Smiling, Fien said we'd join them as soon as we were done eating as her mom left. She sat down to eat but I pulled her plate away and sat exactly where it was on the counter. She looked confused until I spread my legs in front of her. With my dick pointing straight at her face I added. - "You want eggs? I'll do you one better. Eggs AND sausage today. Enjoy!" - Then, grabbing her plate I started eating while she stared at me, astonished. - "I suggest you eat your meal, Fien, 'cuz thats the only breakfast you're having today..."

"But... mom... they're just outside! We can't... you cant..."

"This boner isn't going anywhere. So unless you want your family to see me like this... you'd better take care of it..."

"But they might come in and..."

"I suggest you hurry up, then... I'll let you know if I see anything." - I told her, opening my robe fully, my ass right where they ate dinner.

Cornered, Fien reluctantly grabbed my dick and started having her breakfast. After a few tentative licks, she began taking me in her mouth vigorously. She knew time was of the essence and didn't even comment on my taste after being inside her. She kept on sucking and petting my balls, just the way I liked it.

The bottom floor was covered in glass walls and I could literally see her family sitting outside. It was exhilarating knowing Fien's father was just upstairs and her mom just a few feet away while their daughter was blowing me on their kitchen counter. The thrill, our previous foreplay and Fien's mouth proved too much for me to handle and within a few minutes I started spewing cumshot after cumshot in Fien's mouth, trying my best not to growl wildly.

"Fuck! Oh, fuck..." - I grunted with shaky legs. - "God, I needed that..." - Stepping down, I closed my robe. - "Show me what you got there, darling." - I ordered, lovingly stroking her hair. She opened her mouth and I grinned looking at the pool of cum. - "Sorry it's just egg whites for you today, but you'd better eat your breakfast soon, we gotta join your family outside." - Throwing a mean look, she gulped my cum down and headed outside. And even though I was up at 7:30, it was pretty entertaining to watch Fien with her brother, sister and mother, knowing she was tasting her own ass and my cum all morning long.

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