The Sex System

Real life with a twist

Chapter 1 by lithsbee lithsbee

I was about to die. This wasn't ideal but how was I to stop it? In my years I had gotten addicted to porn. Jerking off in my room alone with no one to share my life with. These hot women with varying body types, the kinky stuff, it was all so much. Any kink you wanted, you could find online. A few keystrokes away each time. I was walking across the street with my eyes glued to my phone, watching some thick slut getting railed. I didn't notice that I was walking into traffic.... Before I knew it, I hear this loud horn and then everything went black.

In this darkness I was still conscious. I mean here I am, clearly thinking things through but can't see a damn thing. I realize now that I was hit by truck-kun. The classic anime/manga meme of being hit by a truck. Does this mean the part that comes next is reincarnation into another world? Wouldn't that be nice, maybe this time I will actually get laid. Plus a fantasy world with elves and dwarves and all kinds of monsters to fight, magic and mystery, DRAGONS?!?!? I mean who wouldn't want to experience such a world filled with things to explore?

*DING DONG* "Congratulations, you have the opportunity to join the sex system! Do you accept?"

A blue window appeared like in a video game with two buttons. A green "accept" button and a red "decline" button.

"What does this mean, sex system? I must be dreaming, or hallucinating? Can you hallucinate when you're dead? Fuck it, what do I have to lose." I said to myself. I thought about how I was even going to press accept. In that moment I could see my hand but only my hand. Like The Master Hand from Super Smash Brothers.... Except I wasn't wearing a white glove.... I moved my hand over towards the yes key. And then pushed my finger forward to press the accept.

*DING DONG* "You have accepted to join the sex system, reverting to last previous save point." I lost consciousness.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP*. My alarm was going off. I rolled over and turned off the alarm. I sat up in a hurry touching my body. "Wasn't I dead?" I thought to myself. "I am pretty sure I was hit by a truck and was in some kind of void. WAIT?!?! The sex system, was that just a dream?"

A window popped up in my peripheral vision. "Welcome to the Sex System" it said in that same blue menu. I must be losing my fucking mind.... "Your day has been reset." I grabbed my phone and checked the date. The day I was hit by the truck.... it was now that day, morning. "This can't be real" I said to myself. _"Oh its real" _another pop-up. This shit is weird.

_"Quest Update. Roam your house naked" _a new window appeared. What kind of stupid quest is this? Why would I roam my home naked. My mother, brother, or father would see and get pissed off. This is fucking stupid. I absolutely refuse.

_"If you refuse the quest, you will receive a punishment, are you sure?" _another pop-up. "Of course I decline, fuck that, its weird and disgusting" I said with an angry tone.

_"Punishment activated. Erectile Disfunction, 1 day" _the system told me. "What the fuck. This shit is stupid" I said to myself as I ignored the pop-up and went about my day.

I took my morning shower and got clean like I normally do. I usually jerk off before work but today I was late so I decided to skip it and just go to work.

Arriving at my office job I used my keycard to enter the building and head up the stairs to "the attic." The attic is what we called our office because while we were a small development and testing team, we were renting the space from another business. We essentially were allowed to use the small back kitchen and the attic up the stairs behind the small kitchen area. One of my daily treats was seeing this thick short-stack half and half walk in to work. She was always late to work but that ass wont quit. A few moments later there she was climbing the stairs and I watched her giant jiggly ass jiggle as she walked to the other side of the room and take her seat. I didn't notice it, but I did not get an erection....

Around lunch time some of the other guys around my cubicle area wanted to go get lunch. We all agreed to hit up taco-bell so we left together in our friends Jeep Cherokee. We got out and walked into the taco-bell and ordered some food. So far this day was going exactly like it had before. One of the guys even flirted with the women taking our orders. Same cheesy pickup line. "I want to stuff YOUR taco" and he gets slapped. Again. I couldn't help but chuckle seeing it twice like a replay. Returning to our place of work to eat and continue working.

But this is where things started to change. Katrina with the big ass walked over and started talking to the guy next me about something work related. Then she asked if she could sit on my lap. Me? Why? I agreed and scooched my chair out enough so my leg was sticking out. And then she turned facing her giant ass towards me. I gulped. As she sat down, she wiggled are ass on my leg sort of wiggling her way closer to my dick. No erection. "SHIT" I thought to myself. I knew that usually this would be incredibly enjoyable for me per it happening in the past. But right now while my mind was reeling with anticipation, the feelings never came. I was numb and limp. "SHIT SHIT SHIT" repeats in my brain. I decided to focus on my work and simply ignore how horrible this situation was for me. A few moments later she starts wiggling again. Since my mind is clear from lack of an erection I got the hint that she wanted me to get hard, maybe even slapping her ass with my hard cock. But she would feel no such thing. Another moment later she stood up with a sour look on her face and stormed her way back to her desk. My coworker next to me just looked at me like "wtf was that about" and turned back to his work.

A popup appears in my vision. "Redemption, Special Quest" it said. Below it said "Accept the invitation and do EVERYTHING you are told." At this point I started to realize how serious things are. I got a message on the internal chat system. Katrina, the big ass girl, her blonde friend sent the message. What the fuck did she want. I went down to the kitchen and she was standing there. "Follow me" she ordered. I walked with her down the hall and around the corner to a supply closet. She went inside and I followed. "Shut the door" she barked with a bit of anger.

Once the door was closed she pounced. "What's wrong faggot, cock wont get hard?" she said as she grabbed my crotch. My dick was in fact NOT hard. "Awe poor baby, you need to be punished" she said. She reached into her huge purse and pulled out a huge 9 inch dildo. "Suck it faggot" she said. Remembering back to the quest stating to do everything asked. FUCK, I really don't want to, but after the first punishment, how bad would the next be? I decided to just do it. I got down on my knees and started to kiss her crystal blue dildo. Then slowly started to stuck. This was fucking embarrassing. Don't get me wrong, I had jerked off a few times to shemales and futanari but this is just, different. "You really are a freak aren't you?" she said with that fucked up tone of voice. I call it cunt voice.... "Pull down your pants" she said. I really fucking hate this quest....

I pulled my pants down. "Bend over faggot" she said. I knew what was coming and it was not something I've ever experienced before. The dildo lubed with my own spit was slowly worked into my ass. And then she roughly fucked me with it. A mix of pain and pleasure was getting stronger. Each trust of her dildo by her hand/arm hurt a bit more but felt a bit more pleasurable. She kept picking up pace until she was basically me. "Awe little faggot, you can't even get hard when being fucked, you really are a loser aren't you?" she said. I think her kink is being mean to men. That's the only way to explain this. And she was right, even with prostate play I was not hard at all. But one thing was happening, my cock was drooling precum. A LOT of precum. More than I had ever leaked before. Eventually I began to feel an orgasm build. And before I knew it, I was shooting my load with my limp dick into my boxers. "Hahahaha, faggot liked that eh? look you filled your fucking underwear. Don't dare think you are taking them off. Pull them up now, make your mess spread over your crotch/ass area" and so I obeyed, again. I pulled them up and then pulled my pants up too. She laughed. She stuffed her dildo into my pants pocket and then left the supply closet.

Degraded and disgusted, I decided to head towards the bathroom. Once inside I locked the door and stripped. It was a single room bathroom so I wouldn't have to worry about anyone walking in after its locked. I removed my pants, removed my underwear. I grabbed some paper towels and wet them with the sink water and began cleaning myself up. Wiping between my legs cleaning up the mess and cleaning my ass. I then grabbed the dildo with my underwear, wrapped the dildo in the underwear, and threw it in the trash. Luckily my pants were dry so at least I could just commando them with no issue. The trash was mostly empty so unless someone went digging, they wouldn't know someone's underwear was in the trash with a dildo inside them.

Staring into the mirror over the sink my mind was blank. Sort of just blank over the idea of what just happened. *DING DONG* a popup appears. "Congratulations, you have completed the Special Quest, Redemption" and it continued "You have unlocked special ability Drool. As this was a special quest, you have also redeemed yourself and your erectile disfunction status will now be removed." Thank god that is now gone. Going the whole day like that would fucking blow, no pun intended. But what was that special ability? Another popup appeared "Would you like to see a list of your special abilities?" and I said "yes" out loud. There was only one ability listed so I focused on it and another window opened. "Drool. From now on whenever you are aroused you will produce copious amounts of precum that will be sweeter and more appetizing. Essentially, your cock will drool!" That's fucking crazy. I mean don't get me wrong, whenever I would jerk off I would always swipe away the precum from the tip of my dick to keep my dick as dry as possible. I didn't like jerking with any kind of lube or wetness. I preferred dry jerking. So now its gonna be harder to keep up if its a constant fucking stream of precum.

I returned to my desk and Katrina, big ass girl, sent me an internal message asking "Are you okay? Where were you?" and I didn't want to say anything so I said "Taking a shit in the bathroom. Why?" and she immediately shot back "no reason" and we all finished our work day.

On my way home I got a message from a friend asking me to come out tonight just like last time. However, I knew what happened "yesterday" where I was hit by a truck crossing the street. I refused to go out tonight in order to survive. Its not like truck-kun would magically appear in my home and run my down in my bedroom. "Not feeling well, another time" I shot my friend. Plus I figured that if I did go out and avoided the truck, the "similar situation" could end up where the truck swerves and hits me anyway even though I avoided the direct hit.... I didn't want to take any chances. I jerked off to some of my favorite porn and then went to sleep.

What's next?

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