The Sex Game

Chapter 1 by switch76 switch76

The doorbell rang and Sophie ran excitedly to her front door and opened it.

"Hi Robert. Hi Mike." she said. "Come in. The others are already upstairs."

The boys follow her upstairs into her bedroom where Anna and Melanie are waiting. The 5 of them were inseparable. They made the cast of Friends look like a group of strangers. They had been through high school together. Now they were 18 and this was their last summer together before starting university. Anna shook a box in the direction of the boys.

"The sex game. Cool!" exclaimed Mike. "How's it played?".

"I'll read the rules and explain" said Anna.

"The board is just like a Snakes and Ladders/Chutes and Ladders board with 100 squares. If you slide down a snake you must remove an item of clothing. There are also 2 main types of special square: Forfeit and Question.

If you land on a forfeit square you must take a forfeit card and carry it out. You must choose someone to assist you if needed.

A few props came in the box including chocolate body paint, cream to lick off, a blindfold, handcuffs and some rope.

If you land on a question square, the group can ask you a question which you must answer truthfully.

The winner of the game is the first person to reach square 100. He or she then gets to pick whoever they want to have sex with for the rest of the evening."

"Let's start" interrupted Melanie impatiently. "Who's brave enough to go first?

"Alright I will" said Robert. He picks up the dice and rolls it.


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What square does he land on?

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