The Reality Stone

lets get pervy

Chapter 1 by pervydog pervydog

Your name is Jack Bell and you are 21 yrs old For the summer you got a job taking care of a dying old man. as thanks the old man, you have come to like and respect him. He name was Mr. Smith. He tells you his story. He is over two thousand yrs old, he has seen empires rise and fall. And all of this was possible through the power of the reality stone. This stone allows the user to manipulate reality. He tells you he has gotten tired of living and has chosen to give the stone to you his last friend on this world he hands you a ring with a multi colored stone. and then dies shortly after. You decide to do the sensible thing and test it. You command the stone to give you a billion dollars in USD. When you arrive home you check the mail. In there you find a letter saying you have won the lottery (you never bought a lottery ticket) and there is a check with a billion dollars inside. The stone is real.Now you can make all your dark sexual fantasies come true.

Now where should we begin

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