The Neverending Dare Game

The Neverending Dare Game

How far will their friends push them?

Chapter 1 by samwalser samwalser

The four of them had been inseparable, best friends since elementary school. Now, having just graduated from high school, it made perfect sense for them to get an apartment together in the city.

On their first night in the apartment, Stace breaks open a bottle of champagne and calls for an apartment meeting. Stace was the ringleader of the group, she had the strongest personality and usually had set the tone for their activities together. She was a curvaceous brunette with a rockabilly style, who wasn't afraid to flaunt her big breasts, wide-hips, and thick ass. She was the only one of the foursome who wasn't going to college, opting instead to apprentice with a local tattoo artist. Her friends knew she was bisexual, but they didn't know what kind of kinky fantasies she harboured about her friends and roommates.

Before her sat Amy, a shy and petite Asian girl. She never too any risks in life unless pushed by her friends, but Stace suspected she had a deeply hidden exhibitionist streak to her, if college didn't bring her out of her shell, Stace intended to.

To Amy's left, blonde, fit Brandi drank her champagne. Brandi wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but she had an amazing body, which she worked hard for, in fact, she was studying to earn her license as a personal trainer.

Finally, there was poor, nerdy, skinny Ted. Ted was smart (going to college for computer progamming), kind, and funny, but it was obvious to everyone that Ted had a big crush on all three of his best friends, and he was pretty deeply friendzoned. Well, maybe Stace could help with that.

"Hi, friends! First I just wanted to say how happy I am that we decided to all move in together. We're going in different directions in life and this way our friendship can continue uninterrupted. So, was thinking...what's the one thing we've done together that was the most fun?"

Ted and (surprisingly) Amy answered simultaneously. "Truth or Dare!" The foursome had played truth or dare several times together, and every time had been epic and memorable.

"That's right. So I was thinking, since we all live together now, why don't we make a dare game that we can play ALL THE TIME."

Stace waited for that to sink in, watching the looks of concern and fear on her friends faces.

"I'm in," Amy spoke up first, blushing. Stace smiled, she knew Amy would jump on the chance for some sexual embarrassment.

"Sure, why not," said Brandi, not particularly caring either way (probably because she hadn't thought it through).

"Yes." was all Ted said, without making eye contact.

"What did you have in mind?" Brandi asked.

What are the rules?

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