The Lottery

A contest no one wants to win

Chapter 1 by zechs195 zechs195

At South Bay University tuition is free. It is a haven for low income students and families who otherwise might not be able to send their children to a 4 year school. The reason they can afford this is their lottery.

The lottery is a drawing where one student’s name is picked and for the remainder of their schooling they are to remain completely naked even when on weekends or break. The university thoroughly documents the naked student’s life and studies through both picture and video and monetizes them for both academic and personal use with the proceeds helping to fund the school. Every time the previous winner graduates a new winner is selected.

While no winner is lucky the best case scenario is they are a senior and only have to commit to two semesters of nudity. The worst case scenario is a freshman who will not wear a single stitch from their first day until they graduate. A winner must pay the equivalent full cost of a 4 year tuition if they wish to withdraw.

Winners can be male or female, in any program or major, and can be from any year.

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