The Lodge

The Lodge

Six Friends Spend A Week At A Ski Lodge

Chapter 1 by JohnLocke4 JohnLocke4

Kenneth Clark, better known as Kenny to all of his friends, was relaxing inside his room late one Friday night. The brown-eyed teen had just finished high school just a week prior and was just starting to enjoy his final summer as a high schooler before heading off to college. The eighteen-year-old had just finished yet another mission in his new video game and internally accepted that this summer was going to turn out the same way all the others, lounging around his house, hanging out with his best friend's Mindy and JJ, and, of course, internally loathing the fact that he had yet to get a girlfriend to spend his free time with. Suddenly, the teen heard his phone go off causing him to jump from the noise slightly, he pulled off his headset and quickly pushed a hand up through his medium-length, deep brown hair before reaching over and snatching his phone.

Kenny turned on his phone and saw that he received a mass text from one of his good friends, Brian White, Hey guy's good news! I got the lodge for a week, so if you're still in let me know! Kenny let out a grin happy to know that the lodge was all worked out. A few weeks prior, near the end of their final year in high school, Kenny brought up the idea of having one more big get together with all of his closest friends before college started and they were forced to go their separate ways. Brian White, being the son of one of the wealthiest families in the town, or state for that matter, had often bragged that his father built a lodge on the side of Kaster mountain, a few hours outside of Greenwall their hometown. Kenny had actually gone up last year and realized that it was the perfect location for a week-long trip. Once he pitched the idea to the group, Brian was immediately on board, promising he'd figure out a way to convince his dad.

A few weeks passed by, and Kenny thought the plan was dead in the water, but it seemed Brian had pulled through after all! I'm still in. Kenny quickly texted back. Then, like clockwork, his phone started to go off as JJ, Mindy, Nicole, and Anna all replied that they were also still up for the trip. Great, our week start in two days. See you all there. Brian texted back before Kenny dropped his phone.

Kenny, smiled wide and stood up, turning off his game console an moving over to his bed. He was thrilled that he was going to be spending a week of fun with a group of his closet friends from high school. Each of them, while not all on the same level of closeness, meant a great deal to Kenny. He wasn't happy about the fact that they were only a few months away from losing contact with one another so this last hoorah felt like the best goodbye party that they could make. Though Kenny couldn't lie to himself, a week in a Ski-Lodge with some of the cutest girls, he had the pleasure of knowing made him wonder if he could finally enter the world of relationships, or at the very least get his first kiss.

The next day he immediately got a call from Mindy Long his slightly nerdy and shy, best friend. Mindy Long stood at just around five six and had long straight black hair with a pair of well-fitting C-cup breasts and a firm but plump ass. The young Asian girl had been friends with for nearly ten years and never did anything without him. "Hello?" He asked groggily,

"Hey, Kenny! So we're going up there for two weeks right?" Mindy asked,

"No just a week," Kenny replied sitting up while rubbing his eyes,

"Oh, well I was talking to JJ, and he said I shouldn't bring my laptop. I just think a peaceful ski lodge would be a great place for me to write don't you?" Mindy asked with a hopeful tone. Kenny let out a soft chuckle, he should have expected this, Mindy was obsessed with writing, wanting nothing more in life than to become an author, so of course, she didn't want to take a week off.

"Sure sounds like a good idea but Mindy don't spend all your time on it, this is supposed to be a trip for us all to hang out," Kenny replied,

"Yeah, I know and I won't, I promise." Mindy said then after a minute she asked, "Also I was just thinking we should carpool, Nicole was already gonna bring Anna so." Kenny let out a short smirk, of course, Nicole and Anna were carpooling. The pair had been inseparable way before they started high school since they were six if he remembered correctly, despite being vastly different. Nicole Moore had embraced the party lifestyle, dyeing her hair bright red, picking up a small nose piercing, and wearing tight-fitting rocker clothes that showed off her large breasts and thick ass. She also had the personality to match, dripping with confidence, a usual carefree attitude and an eccentric way that made her generally likable. Add to the fact that she was well known to mess around with guys casually, though just as many guys failed to capture her attention. Plus, without Nicole, Kenny was sure their little group never would have been created, the girl had befriended all of them and made sure to constantly invite them all to different parties or events she was going to.

Anna, on the other hand, had gone the straight and narrow in high school, always wearing rather conservative clothing that hid her decently busty chest and perfect bubble butt. The beautiful blonde never drank or smoked, hell she barely went anywhere where things could get too crazy. This wasn't too surprising for the others as, up until recently, Anna had been in a committed relationship, the first in her life. She met her ex, Eric Roosevelt, at a party that Nicole convinced her to go to and obviously, her near-perfect body garnered some attention. Eric was one of the only guys that she even entertained talking to, the others clearly only lusting after for a hook-up, which was not Anna's way. Once she got past her nervousness, they hit things off, and by the end of the week, they were dating. Unfortunately, the teen had to move away, forcing them to break up instead of trying a long distance relationship, leaving her devastated. Anna was sent into a dark place for a while, feeling like she lost the love of her life, luckily she was just coming out of it and was the first to say she was looking forward to the trip with everyone if it happened.

Kenny quickly shook his head from the thoughts of the two girls and responded to Mindy, "Yeah, sounds smart. I'll pick you and James up tomorrow afternoon; it's a long ride there." Kenny said with a hint of distaste,

"Alright Kenny, I'll see you tomorrow then," Mindy replied,

"Yeah see ya," Kenny replied then hung up laying back down. The rest of the day Kenny was spreading the word to the others that he was driving Mindy and JJ up. He also started to put together a bag filled with clothes and some personal effects like a toothbrush and shavers. The next day he said goodbye to his parents and headed out getting into his car.

Kenny was able to make it to JJ's house in good time, where Mindy already was waiting. He honked his horn a few times and saw his athletic black friend coming jogging out of his house with Mindy in tow. James Jackson, or simply JJ, was Kenny's best male friend, hands down. Basically being a jock, JJ hit it off with Kenny during their gym classes in middle school and soon the pair had become the best of friends. The pair meshed well enough, Kenny usually being the brains and JJ the brawn, though both were very capable in their own right, and thanks to like-minded ways, the men had created a bond that seemed nearly unbreakable.

The pair hopped into the car, JJ in the passenger seat while Mindy sat in the center of the backseat. "You pack your hockey stick, JJ?" Kenny asked his friend with a chuckle,

JJ glared over at the teen, knowing that he was about to get some ribbing from his friend, "Look, Bry told me there was a place I could practice, so yes," He admitted causing Kenny to let out a laugh instantly. JJ let out a long sigh and shook his head; the jock joined the hockey team in high school after a childhood of nonstop obsession with the sport. His friends always found it a bit comical that JJ seemingly hated every other sport besides hockey, but seeing as he got a scholarship for his ability in the rink, they couldn't exactly give him too much shit for it.

Kenny glanced back to Mindy, "Got your laptop?" Mindy let out a small giggle and nodded while lifting up her laptop bag, "Alright, guess you two got what's most important." Without another word, Kenny pulled out of the driveway, dreading the four-hour ride ahead of them.

A few hours in JJ finally spoke up, "You know, I never been to Brian's lodge before. What's it like?"

"It's nice, I've only been there twice but gotta say this place is amazing. If I remember correctly it has like four rooms and three bathrooms, a huge den, a rec room with a pool table and what not, plus a huge library. We gotta take a tram ride up the mountain to get there but after that everything we need will be there." Kenny replied,

"Damn!" JJ said with a surprised look,

"And don't worry Mindy it has Wi-Fi and cable if we really need it," Kenny said with a smirk,

"Sweet. This keeps sounding better and better." Mindy said with a smile.

Finally, just around seven at night Kenny drove into the small parking lot and got out of the car. "And four hours later we're finally here." He said with a large stretch,

"Almost here, one tram ride away." JJ corrected,

Kenny let out a little chuckle, "Yeah excuse me, almost there."

The three of them boarded the tram, and after a ten-minute ride, they finally got to the summit of the mountain. The trio walked up the snow-covered pathway for another ten minutes with their heavy bags and eventually found their way to the lodge's entrance. Brian spotted them and opened the door welcoming them inside, "Hey look who finally showed up!"

Brian White was the last of their tight-knit group, and out of all of them sometimes stuck out the most. With short blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a muscular body, Brian seemed like he was hanging out with the wrong people like he mixed up the popular kids with this group of misfits. To be fair, Brian, at one point, did belong to a solely popular group. The teen had entered high school using his families wealth to make friends and get into girls pants, earning him a reputation as a horndog player. While this was slightly true, Brian did have a good side, which was mostly thanks to his friends. When Kenny first met Brian, it was from the butt of ridiculing jokes, but after sharing plenty of classes with the teen and receiving academic help from the teen, Brian's mood quickly changed. He apologized for being such an ass to Kenny, began to hang out with him more often, met the rest of the group, and the rest was history for the remainder of high school.

"What Nicole and Anna already here?" JJ asked with a huff,

"Got here almost an hour ago, thought you guys got lost." Brain said with a grin,

"As much as I would love to stand outside and joke all day is it cool if we continue this inside?" Kenny asked with a grin,

"Right, Right come on inside!" Brian said moving out of the way, "Perfect timing anyway, we were just going to decide the room situation."

Please feel free to pick up and add to any thread, whether it be from the beginning or somewhere in the middle. Also adding new threads completely is welcome, and encouraged! I look forward to seeing what some of you could come up with based on these characters!

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