The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

A panda's nasty day

Chapter 1 by Kinky_Panda Kinky_Panda

Laying in bed, gently leaving the embrace of sleep, you slowly and groggily wake up. You are surrounded by the warm embrace of your covers around you, the gentle support of the pillow under your head, a soft weight bearing down on your face… what? Your barely conscious mind not quite processing what is going on, you open your eyes and are only met with with darkness. As you slowly become more aware of your surroundings you begin to notice the weight on your face is moving, slowly from chin to forehead, accompanied by a familiar musky aroma.

Noticing that you had awoken, Sarina stopped grinding her ass into your face, coming to rest with her anus directly in line with your nose. You took a deep sniff of her hole, she hadn't showered yet this morning, the scent of yesterday's sweat still strong on her ass. You go to take a second breath but suddenly find your nostrils blocked, plugged by two fleshy nubs protruding from your girlfriend’s asshole. As soon as you realized what she had done you were fully awake and panicking, thrashing and trying to get out from under her.

“making sudden moves under an armed and ready skunkette, not a smart move. You’re lucky I dont spook easy.” She said looking down at you, a playful smile with a hint of cruelty on her face as she slowly retracts her sprayers. “And besides, you’ve got a long day ahead of you my little panda slut.”

Today was you and sarina’s five year anniversary. Over the last half decade the two of you have explored every extreme and filthy act you could think of. A few years ago you had brought up the idea of bringing other women in to use you. Sarina was at first hesitant to share you but eventually warming up to the idea going so far as to come up with the idea of putting you through a gauntlet of filth. A full day of getting used by seemingly random people, all of course chosen by sarina and planted throughout the city. She had spent over a year picking out people and planning out the perfect day of errands to deliver you to them. You would have no idea who was going to torture you or how, it could be anyone, with anything from farts to feet to body odor, even so far as forcing you to eat their shit. The idea was crazy and somewhat terrifying but infinitely exciting to you, and besides it's not like you were going to say no to sarina. Unfortunately for you however she forgot about the facebook page she made to recruit people, and in the year it's been up word has spread wide and brought many unwanted people to town that have been prepping to use you.

You expect sarina to get off of your face so you could get ready for the day but she remained seated on your face, her gut begins rumbling. “not so fast hun, I’ m not done with you quite yet, I've been holding this just for you”

Is she unloading her morning farts, or taking a morning dump?

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